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Monday Mashup: Weekend? What Weekend?

This past weekend was an absolute blast, even though it flew by.

We had an amazing turnout for Rachel on Friday, and she didn’t disappoint. It definitely wasn’t a “stuffy” jazz show, and was actually fun for some non-jazz enthusiasts who went on Friday. Win number 1.

Party on the Patio rocked, and it’s because you guys showed up in droves and nailed it. Thank you so much for coming out in the heat and getting your lunch from us. We had so much fun and even though I couldn’t hear out of my right ear for the rest of the day, that was the most fun that we had in a long time. Plus, Christopher Robin Band was awesome! Hands up if you think we should have them at the Center. Win number 2

Also, if you have any photos from the concert or the party, feel free to share them on our Facebook.

This weekend we’re having some awesome local talent in the form of Kristen Drathman, Rusty Ferracane and Craig Bohmler in “Funny Valentines and Broken Hearts” on Friday at 7:30 pm. Their performance features classic and contemporary pop songs that celebrate love in all its forms. Now, I’m not a real “lovey dovey” gal, but I’m looking forward to their performance. Kristin and Rusty (who you may know from our kid’s camps) are amazing to listen to and crack me up. I missed their performance last year (for shame!) so I need to make it up to myself and see them this year.

Plus it will be so dang hot out, I won’t want to do anything else but sit in an air-conditioned theatre and laugh. Sounds like a fun Friday to me.

Weekend Preview: Free Concert, Free Party

(I tried to think of a clever Free Tibet joke, but I have none. Moooovin’ on.)

Tonight we have another free concert, with Rachel Eckroth taking the stage at 7:30 and showing us how jazz is done right. I listened to a ton of jazz growing up, and I can’t wait to hear some live in person. In my interview with Rachel on Monday, she said that she’s going to play a good mix of original tunes and some classic jazz songs, so do not miss this.

Tomorrow we’re continuing the “Free” and “Party” themes with a Party on the Patio at Chester’s Harley-Davidson in Mesa. Free food, free music, free high fives with me. The party runs (officially, at least) from 11am until 2pm. It’s in the shade and I’m praying for misting system, so it will be one of the few spots you can go this weekend and not melt into a little puddle.

To recap: Free concert, free food, another free concert, free high fives.

I’ll see ya’ll there.

(Next) Weekend Preview

This weekend we don’t have a summer show at CCA, but we’re making up for that with a show and a party next weekend. Awww yeah.

On the 19th we’re having the lovely Rachel Eckroth here to show us how to do a jazz show right. She’s done everything right, from Off Broadway to reggae and even a stint as a keyboardist extraordinaire for a 70’s teen idol. Now she’s draws her inspiration from her own life to create lyrics that really move you, and create the feeling that you and Rachel have been friends since kindergarten.

Her concert starts at 7:30 on the 19th, and it’s free, so you don’t have any excuses for missing this concert either. Plus, I’m there, and I’m always looking for people to hang out with!

To help keep your weekend amazing, come find me and some other fantastic CCA-ers at the Party On The Patio at Chester’s Harley-Davidson on August 20th from 11am-2pm. This isn’t a “bikers only” BBQ, so everyone can (and should) come, even if you get around in a vehicle with four wheels and don’t wear (much) leather.

The event is also free, but if you’d like to toss a couple bucks our way for our mad skills on the grills, we’d be much obliged. I’d even give you a high-five, if you want.  Plus the Christopher Robin Band will be playing in the background, and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of Rockgrass (with the exception of JJ Grey and Mofro) but after listening to Christopher Robin, I really do like his sound, and hopefully he plays “Truth” at some point during the party.

Free show, free BBQ, possibilities of high-fives, what’s not to love?

Monday Mashup: We Like To Party

I hope your weekend was wonderful and that you’re happy to get back to work this Monday morning. If either one (or both) isn’t the case, then a little Monday Mashup should be the cure for what ails you.

Bad Cactus Brass Band rocked on Friday night, and even brought a little surprise with them. In addition to their marching brass band, they had a gentleman by the name of Chris Pena on piano who was drop dead amazing.

Hot dang. Makes me wish that I stuck with my dream of playing piano, but moving on. If you didn’t catch Bad Cactus then here’s a clip of what you missed. (Also, I want to see a doctor’s note)

This weekend we don’t have a free summer show, but next weekend we’re really going to party. We have Rachel Eckroth coming on August 19th and then on August 20th with The Christopher Robin Band at Chester’s Harley-Davidson where yours truly will try not to catch on fire and help grill up all sorts of tasty goodness. Keep your eyes out for some more details as we get closer to August 20th.

Looking Ahead

I have a few day’s break from our summer camps here at CCA, and I realized that it seems like Camp must be all that we do around here.

I’m not going to lie, it is a big chuck of time, but here’s a look at what else we have going on.

Another episode of everyone’s favorite Chandler vlog is coming up! I’m going on a little walk for this next episode, and I’ll be dropping hints like bread crumbs along the way.  Also, are there any places in Downtown Chandler that you’d like to see, or something at CCA that you find interesting but never really got a chance to explore? Let me know, and I’ll make an episode out of it.
(Here are Episodes 1 and 2)

August is when things really get rocking and rolling here.

We have the Free Summer Concert Series kicking off on August 5th with the Big Cactus Brass Band, and that is going to be a blast! I’ve seen these guys perform a few times before, and I haven’t been disappointed. Here is the complete list of the shows during the summer. Find one that works for you, and I’ll see you there!

August 20, come find some of the awesome CCA staffers (myself included) at Chester’s Harley-Davidson for a Party on the Patio. Every Saturday throughout the summer Chester’s you can hang out, have some amazing food and listen to Phoenix bands jam out. The Party is free, but we will be accepting donations at the cook station. I know it’s over a month a way, but I wanted to get the word out there, and I’ll send out some reminders.

We just had our first successful Twitter give-away, and I’m itching to do another one! The prize was 2 tickets to The Official Blues Brothers Revue once we reached 1200 followers on Twitter, and that didn’t take long at all! I did have a few people tell me that they would like to see the contest opened up to Facebook, our e-club and the blog, which is going to happen! Stay tuned for details and why not make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to win tickets by:

Liking us on Facebook.
Following us on Twitter.
Signing up for our e-club. To sign in, use your Ticketmaster user name and password.
(E-club members also get chances to buy tickets before the general public!)

Plus, you get to see all sorts of fun extras that happen around CCA

And I know I said that we have more than just camp going on, but I would like to mention that GLEE camp was so much fun this spring, we’re offering another camp in October. Details are here.