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Weekend Preview: Free Concert, Free Party

(I tried to think of a clever Free Tibet joke, but I have none. Moooovin’ on.)

Tonight we have another free concert, with Rachel Eckroth taking the stage at 7:30 and showing us how jazz is done right. I listened to a ton of jazz growing up, and I can’t wait to hear some live in person. In my interview with Rachel on Monday, she said that she’s going to play a good mix of original tunes and some classic jazz songs, so do not miss this.

Tomorrow we’re continuing the “Free” and “Party” themes with a Party on the Patio at Chester’s Harley-Davidson in Mesa. Free food, free music, free high fives with me. The party runs (officially, at least) from 11am until 2pm. It’s in the shade and I’m praying for misting system, so it will be one of the few spots you can go this weekend and not melt into a little puddle.

To recap: Free concert, free food, another free concert, free high fives.

I’ll see ya’ll there.

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