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Monday Mashup: Whirlwind Ruckus.

That best describes our weekend and Friday night show at the Center. If you missed it, you didn’t just miss an amazing show, but you missed out on a whole experience. Lucky for you, I understand that emergencies come up, and there are maybe one or two good excuses for missing the show. So, here’s a taste.

First, we had three amazing gentlemen (who didn’t mind me stalking them) playing the bagpipes to welcome people to the Center.

Then you walked in and saw these lovely young ladies from AZ Colleen. Break it down, now.

And finally, you got to watch the show! Here’s a clip of Gaelic Storm playing “What’s the Rumpus?” Let me just say that most performers can get the audience going along with them for a song, maybe two. Gaelic Storm had everyone participating the entire show. Well done, guys.

Amazing time. We need them back next year.

This weekend we’re continuing the Irish trend, but taking it in a different direction. On Sunday you can catch Orla Fallon performing here, and it’s going to be a great time. She’s a little more traditional than Gaelic Storm, and her songs can really pull on your heart-strings one minute, and then make you laugh and clap along the next. She’s a great performer and you really can’t miss it.

Weekend Preview: Let the Irish jokes begin

Tonight we have the always fun Gaelic Storm, and they’re a great way to keep up the energy that we’ve had since the Blues Brothers last week. These guys have a great sense of humor that they bring to their music, and that makes for a really great live performance.

Plus, remember these?

I’m giving them to you, because you rock. You’ll have to tell me what movie they were in (the answer is on our Facebook and Twitter pages) and you’ll get yourself a snazzy poster. Easy peasy.

In continuing with all things Irish, we couldn’t be happier that Irish Republic Public House (the pub formerly known as Murphy’s Law) has joined us for Eat Your Art Out.

For owner Rodger Baldwin, the move was a no brainer.

“I’m a strong supporter of community based programs and the efforts that bring people together, and the Chandler Center for the Arts seem to do that well,” he said. That support can also be seen the moment you walk into Irish Republic in the form of dollar bills that plaster the inside of the pub with handwritten notes expressing gratitude for all that Roger does for the community.

But why support the arts with food? It just made sense for Roger.

“Both food and art are generally associated with community togetherness and invoke thoughts of family, love, tradition and creativity. In many ways, food is art with its vast array of colors and flavor combinations from around the world. Also, innovation plays a huge role in food and art, making them the perfect pair.”

I couldn’t agree more. So come out and support the local scene with a Gaelic Storm show and an after party at Irish Republic Public House.


Monday Mashup: One down, many more to go

Our 2011/2012 season got the amazing start it deserved over the weekend with The Official Blues Brothers Revue. While I didn’t get to spend all the time with them that I wanted, they were kind enough to help us promote Eat Your Art Out and let me know that the Jake and Elwood on their knuckles were in fact, not real. Kind of a bummer but they get an A+ for the attention to detail.

The whole show was just great. Elwood even did a rendition of Cab Calloway/Curtis Blues’ “Minnie the Moocher” that would have made him proud, scat singing an all.

But why keep telling this when I can show it? That’s what you can here for, right?

How do you start off a Blues Brothers show? By doing a cartwheel, of course.

You heard the boys, give them some lovin’!

And just because I’m a sucker for a tall dude in a black with a harmonica.

We’re keeping the energy high this week with a show by our annual favorites, Gaelic Storm. They have been to the Center so many times over the years and I have yet to see them live.

Bad, bad Caitie! I’m so ashamed right now. I’ve heard them before with friends at their houses or driving some place, and I loved their sound from the moment that I heard them. With a song like “The Night I Punched Russell Crowe“, how can you not love them?

They roll into town on Friday, and because I love everyone to pieces, I might be able to pull something together for a lucky person that comes to the show. (Fingers crossed!)

Weekend Preview

It feels good to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Bad Cactus Brass band is going to tear the roof off this joint tonight and I can’t wait. If you’re coming to the show tonight, and you should because it’s free, don’t even worry about seating. Once they get going, you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself and dancing to actually sit.  If you’re not sure if New Orleans party music is your thing, you can sample these lovely fellows here. (Note: Don’t do what I just did and forget that you had your speakers turned up at full volume. Yowza.)

Since this is the first free summer concert this year, I’d just like to give everyone a heads up about how they work.  The show is at 7:30pm, so the doors to the foyer open at 6:30 pm and seating opens at 7:00 pm. Like I’ve mentioned, it is free to get in, but since you love CCA as much as I do (or more), you have the option to give the Center a donation. We suggest $5 per person or $10 per family. Of course, you’re welcome to give or not give as much as you want (but I have my fingers crossed that you’ll give more).  Also keep in mind that seating is done on a first come first served basis, so if you really, really want the third seat from the left aisle in row H, show up early.

Please (pretty, pretty please) don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us Twitter for a chance to win two tickets to Gaelic Storm. Sometime before the show starts I’ll be posting THE video that you need. Do what the video says and you’ll have a shot at winning.