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Celebrate the Arts

I mentioned yesterday that you’ll have a chance to win some pretty cool stuff on Friday during the Downtown Chandler Art Walk and the Sun Lakes Big Band Concert. Up for grabs are a pair of tickets and some art from the Downtown Chandler Art Walk. We’ve made it fairly simple. Here’s how to play. 

1. Visit the Art Walk or the Chandler Center for the Arts and pick up an entry form at the designated table. 

2. Have a CCA or Art walk representative provide proof of visit. 

4. Visit the other location and pick up your proof of visit there. 

5. Submit your entry form. 

RULES (every thing has ’em, just roll with it)

1. Must visit both locations in the same night. The Center’s doors open at 6:30, and we will be shutting down at 8:30. Please, please PLEASE enter the contest during that time slot. We won’t be able to count your entry if you submit it after 8:30

2. Must have verification from both locations to be entered to win.

3. Drop entry form at either CCA or the Art Walk. 

It’s simple, it’s fun, and you get to do something different on a Friday night, which is what we in Downtown specialize in! 

Questions? Y’all know where to find me. (caitie.quick@chandleraz.gov) or give me a yell here or on Twitter. 

Enter to win two tickets to The Official Blues Brothers Revue

It may only be June, but at CCA, we’re already focusing on our fall line up, and I couldn’t be more excited.  To share some of the good vibes that we have around the office, we’re going to give away two free tickets to our season opener. It’s the best of the Blues Brothers and you won’t want to miss this amazing show that kicks off an even better season.

So, how does one enter to win these free tickets, you ask? 

Follow us on Twitter and watch for tweets with #BluesinChandler. Once you see those tweets, simply retweet them and bam, you’re in.  I’ll randomly draw a winner from the entries once we reach 1,200 followers. Just remember, you can only be entered into the drawing if you’re following us and you retweet us.

Any questions, give me a yell, I’m always around.

Who wants free tickets?

(This week Tech Tuesday is taking a back seat to something much more important, but it isn’t going away forever. Promise.)

Would you like to help Chandler and those without food, and have a chance to win two tickets to see The Nutcracker?

Yes? Good.

For the whole month of May, it’s a head to head food drive smack down between Chandler and Gilbert, and I aim to make sure that Chandler wins. When we do, Gilbert sity council members have to wear Chandler shirts at their next meeting. There will be photos with hilarious captions. I can’t wait.

But we need your help in collecting canned or non-perishable food, so let’s make this interesting. If you come to a performance of Sleeping Beauty May 13-15 and bring at least one canned or non-perishable food item, you’ll be entered into a drawing for two tickets to The Nutcracker (also performed by Ballet Etudes) and two backstage passes. You’re welcome to bring more than one item, but you’ll still be entered into the contest only once. Same goes for attending more than one showing of Sleeping Beauty.

The flip side is that if, by some cruel twist of fate, Chandler actually loses, our city council would have to wear Gilbert shirts. This weekend is a great way to relax with some classical (not stuffy) ballet and help out your neighbors. What do you say you lend us a hand?