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Monday Mashup: Weekend? What Weekend?

This past weekend was an absolute blast, even though it flew by.

We had an amazing turnout for Rachel on Friday, and she didn’t disappoint. It definitely wasn’t a “stuffy” jazz show, and was actually fun for some non-jazz enthusiasts who went on Friday. Win number 1.

Party on the Patio rocked, and it’s because you guys showed up in droves and nailed it. Thank you so much for coming out in the heat and getting your lunch from us. We had so much fun and even though I couldn’t hear out of my right ear for the rest of the day, that was the most fun that we had in a long time. Plus, Christopher Robin Band was awesome! Hands up if you think we should have them at the Center. Win number 2

Also, if you have any photos from the concert or the party, feel free to share them on our Facebook.

This weekend we’re having some awesome local talent in the form of Kristen Drathman, Rusty Ferracane and Craig Bohmler in “Funny Valentines and Broken Hearts” on Friday at 7:30 pm. Their performance features classic and contemporary pop songs that celebrate love in all its forms. Now, I’m not a real “lovey dovey” gal, but I’m looking forward to their performance. Kristin and Rusty (who you may know from our kid’s camps) are amazing to listen to and crack me up. I missed their performance last year (for shame!) so I need to make it up to myself and see them this year.

Plus it will be so dang hot out, I won’t want to do anything else but sit in an air-conditioned theatre and laugh. Sounds like a fun Friday to me.

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