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Behind the scenes of Zoppé: An Italian Family Circus

This morning it was our treat to have Jayme King, meterologist from Fox 10, come out and experience the Zoppé Circus first hand.  We even got him involved in the tricks that you may see over the course of the circus’ run.


Why juggle balls and batons when you can juggle people?


Here’s a wonderful preview of what you may find at the Circus


What do Jayme and the Old Spice guy have in common? They are both on a horse.


No show is ever the same, so if you come more than once, you’ll see a different show each time. If you still haven’t gotten your tickets, you can get them here, but be aware that some shows are sold out.

My Fox Phoenix at Glee Camp newscast

If your schedule didn’t allow you to see Kirstin at Chandler Center for the Arts yesterday, never fear! We have the clip for you!

My Fox Phoenix vists Glee Camp!

This morning Kristin from Fox 10 came down to CCA and showed everyone how awesome our Glee Campers are! Here are some photos I took before, during and after the shoot. 

(Psssst. Didn’t get a chance to catch the live spot? Look for Kristen and the kids dancing on Friday!)