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Monday Mashup: Gratitude

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the #ChandlerHunt on Friday. It was a huge learning experience and twice the amount of fun I thought it would be. Ya’ll rock, and I wish I could give you a hug (in a totally, not creepy kind of way).

I also want to thank the businesses that put up with me and were more than willing from day one to participate. Gangplank, Serranos, Inspirador, Di Sciacca, Sibley’s West, San Tan Brewing Company and Dashawn from Costco. Please make sure to visit them and tell them how amazing they are. (You can find Dashawn at the Chandler Mall Costco. Look for this charming fellow)

Also, thank you to Jennifer at the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, for introducing me to all the right people. Give them a shout and ask how you can help make Downtown Chandler even more awesome than it is.


Oh, and we did have a show. The Sugar Thieves get better every time I see them, but here’s the video, if you need proof.

Weekend Preview: I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.

Horrible song to have stuck in your head this early in the morning. But it really does sum up my mood, so in the long run, it’s all good.

Tonight is the amazing, once a year, over the top Downtown extravaganza: Sugar Thieves and #ChandlerHunt.

It’s officially fall, but really it’s still the tail end of summer, and we want to do it right. The show starts at 7:30 and the doors open at 6:30. If you’re participating in #ChandlerHunt, you’ll have enough time to hit all the stops and still get a good seat, no worries.  As always seating is first come, first served. If you haven’t heard Sugar thieves before, you’ve been missing out. They are so much fun to listen to and an outright blast to see live. Give them a listen to here, and I’ll see you tonight!

Annnnnnd #ChandlerHunt.  You can still register here, or just show up! It’s not like your name has to be on a list, we just wanted to get a rough headcount of people so we know how much stuff to put out.  Also, the prizes are awesome, and not just from CCA. On a stop and see something you like? That might be one of the prizes that we’re offering to those who complete the hunt. And I’ll have something for everyone, so come out and watch for a Tweet and Facebook post around 5:45.

And for being such a great blog audience, here’s my final #ChandlerHunt clue.

If you’ll notice, the color of the chiles matches the color of the awnings outside this location.


See you tonight!



What does it sound like when you say “Silly” with a stuffy nose?

Especially out West


Monday Mashup: It still feels like summer

Once our Summer Concert series ends, it won’t though!

Our last Free Summer Concert is this Friday at 7:30 pm, and we’re partying with Sugar Thieves.  If you haven’t seen or heard them, you’re really missing out. I heard them during Mardi Gras and it was electrifying. I wandered around until I could find them and then just hung out there.  And, it’s a free concert. Holla if you love free.

Don’t forget, come to Downtown Chandler before the concert (aim for sometime between 5:30-6 pm) and participate in #CHANDLERHUNT. We’re giving out awesome prizes, and some of the participating locations are giving some away too, so no matter what, you’ll walk away with some #swag.  You can grab some friends and split the prize or ditch them and keep the glory to yourself. But it’ll be fun. So tell as many people as you can, and I’ll see ya’ll on Friday.

Speaking of #ChandlerHunt, have you seen the clues? Look through the blog, and look around at some of the Downtown establishments, they might look a little familiar.


This clue’s a two-for-one, and I think it’s the easiest clue I’ve given out.

Think what and where.



Weekend Preview: First day of fall

Overheard at the office yesterday “Today is Friday Eve, which is much better than Friday Eve-Eve, which was better than Tuesday, because Tuesday sucked.”

I think we’re all looking forward to the weekend around here, and with good reason.

Come on down Saturday night for the 12th Annual C3HR Mariachi Festival. Not only do you get to hear and see some amazing performers, but you can get some food (for just a couple of bucks).

Oh yeah, I just said that. So you can imagine the smells that will come from the Center on Saturday, you won’t be able to resist that.  And if the promise of amazing home cooked Mexican food isn’t enough to draw you in, check our Facebook for what we have in store for you tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget that #ChandlerHunt is a week from today. Have you found any clues?

Weekend Preview: Made it to another Friday

Even though today is a very sober day at the Center, I’m still going to carry out my weekly duties with a Weekend Preview.

This weekend we don’t have a Free Summer Concert show, but we do have the Intel Variety Show tomorrow night (It’s a good cause, and it’s fairly inexpensive) and the Raices Community Reception tonight from 6-8. It’s a wonderful way to see how Chandler got it’s start, and to show how much Hispanic culture influenced Chandler in its early days and how it continues to do so.

The best part? You can read up on the histories of the families featured in the exhibit, and it was pretty cool to see some of the grandparents and great-grandparents of my friends and learn about their families.

If you’re coming out for Chandler Art Walk (which you totally should, because it’s awesome) you’ll have enough time to visit the Center and then walk a few feet to the Art Walk.


(Ps. #ChandlerHunt, you in? If you aren’t yet, I’ll sweeten the pot by adding a few clues here and there. But you’ll have to check the bog, because I won’t be blasting those posts all over Creation.)

Tuesday’s Mashup: Back after a long weekend

Boy, did we need the long weekend here at the Center.

Not because we needed that extra day to recover from the sunburns we got while floating down Salt River or because we wanted to sleep in just one more time, but because we needed that day to make sure everything is going to go as planned and send the summer off with a bang. Here we go.

Scavenger Hunt:
This won’t be the first time you’ll hear me talk about the scavenger hunt( or #ChandlerHunt), and you may have already heard me drop some hints. Well, here’s the skinny. 

September 30 we’re having our last Free Summer Concert with Sugar Thieves, and we in Downtown wanted to make it a memorable experience. I’ve been working with a handful of Downtown Chandler locations to set up a scavenger hunt on September 30 before the concert. The end of September is usually nice (but that may be 23 years of living in Arizona talking) and it’s a good excuse to get out and explore Downtown Chandler, maybe find something new, and win some awesome swag. You can find out more information and register here. As always, feel free to send me any and all questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Chandler Symphony Pops Concert
The Chandler Symphony is  always an awesome show, and this Friday they’re putting a little “pop” into their performance. They’ll be giving summer a great send off by performing some of their and their audiences favorite symphonic songs. If you have been to a Chandler Symphony Pops concert before, you know these things pack the house, so get here early. Show starts Friday night at 7:30, doors open at 6:30, and as with all the Summer Concerts, it’s free but we do ask for a donation.

Get Out Expo
After you hang out with us on Friday, join us at the Mesa Arts Center for the Get Out Expo from 10 am-2 pm, where the Valley’s best artists and performing arts venues will be hanging out for the day showcasing what we all have to offer you. And since you are all loyal blog readers, Facebook friends or Twitter followers, you probably already know most of what we have to offer. However, you know me, and you know how I love giving you guys stuff, so show up and you’ll be in for a treat.

Wow, that was a lot. I think I need a cookie to take my mind off my aching wrists. Or you could show up at the Pops Concert, Get Out Expo and #ChandlerHunt and that would make everything all better.