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Tech Tuesday: Sound Check

“Crest makes good toothpaste.”

That was the first thing I heard over the mics when I walked into the theatre on Saturday. Dean was nice enough to let me crash the sound check for Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, and I had no idea what to expect. My only experience with setting up a band was in high school, when we jammed cables into outlets and prayed we didn’t set the stage on fire.

However at CCA, things are a little more professional than that. Before the band even got on stage to make sure they sounded right, our sound guys did some run through’s, making sure all the mics were working and the monitors (speakers on stage) were hooked up right. This is a video from the main sound desk that shows the guys making sure the drum kit sounds right. Our sound guys needed to make sure that it was loud enough so that the audience could hear the right sounds, but not too loud that it sounded like a bunch of random banging, and the levels on the audio metering scales told them if they were right on the money, or needed to adjust.

Another thing I learned was that for many of the performances here, and especially those with music, there are actually two soundboards. There’s the main one in the theatre that Dean works, and then there’s one in the wings that Steve manages. Dean’s job is to make sure that the audience hears the music right, and Steve does the same, but for each of the musicians on stage. This clip shows just that. Some of the techs were walking around stage making sure everyone was hearing what they needed to hear to perform, and Steve was adjusting on the go.

See how some of the faders (sliding controls) seem to move on their own? They don’t. I found out that Steve can program different channels to have different frequencies (more bass, treble, etc) and then set that channel with those specifications. If he needs more channels, he can move on to a different one  and do the same thing. The movement happens when he switches between channels and the soundboard adjusts to the frequencies he set.

Just think of it this way. I love watching Real Housewives of NYC (no shame), but my Bravo channel has really bad sound quality, so I always have to turn up my TV’s volume. When I set my DVR to record the newest episode, I adjust the sound so my TV’s volume automatically goes higher to record that particular show, but will go lower for the next show I record on a different channel.

The actual soundcheck with the band on stage took 20 minutes at most, because everything went so well during the set up. I was glad because I got to meet more of the sound and lighting crew, and they’re a blast to hang out with.

If there are any questions that you had that I didn’t answer, please let me know! Dean said he doesn’t mind me asking questions, so I’m going to put that to the test. In the mean time, here are some photos I snagged during the soundcheck. I went through two cameras before I got any pictures that would work in some way, shape or form, so if they’re a tad grainy that’s why.

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Monday Mashup: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Saturday night was the last show of our 2010-2011 season, and we went out with a bang with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. I didn’t get any video during the performance, but here is a clip and some photos of the band during the sound check.

The best part about the sound check? (other than learning what the boards do) It was hanging out with the members of the band.  They were all very friendly, but I’ll talk about that more during tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday.

Well, now what? If the season is over with, does that mean that we won’t have Caitie’s awesome posts to look forward to anymore? Will she go away forever?

Nah. I like this place too much to pick up and take off. Sure, Monday Mashups and Weekend Previews will change just a bit, but we will still have tons of amazing performances, including Swan Lake. So go watch Black Swan and then come see it live! Hopefully with less psychosis, but we’ll see.

Weekend Preview: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

It seems like the band has been all I have been talking about on this blog, but that’s because I’m very excited for them to be here!  It’s our last show, and we’re really going to go out with a bang. 

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars formed in a West African refugee camp during the civil war in Sierra Leone which lasted from 1991-2002.  That was 11 years of pain, fear and loss that these band members, and so many others, couldn’t go home. They had to deal with the tragedy in order to being in the healing processes, and their way was through music.

If you want to understand what happened in Sierra Leone, the BBC did a wonderful job diving into the conflict and explaining the issues in a reportWARNING. This was a brutal conflict, and the things the report talks about are enough to turn stomaches. Read at your own discretion.

If you’re just in the mood to know more about the band, click here.  You can read the NPR articles and give the band a listen before you come out to see them on Saturday!

Monday Mashup: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

In the mood for some amazing and inspirational music? Have a taste for international songs that tell a story? Looking for something to do on Saturday? Do you want to give me a cookie?

The answer to those questions should be yes, by the way (and I’ll take a chocolate chip cookie, thanks).

This weekend is our last musical performance until our summer concert series, so if you miss it, you’re out of luck for the next few months! I’ve already talked about Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars a few times, but that’s because what they had to go through and how they dealt with their trauma makes for an amazing story.  So watch the documentary, read the NPR articles  , take a listen and come see them this weekend.

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars on NPR

First things first. Has anyone watched the documentary on Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars? What did ya’ll think? If you haven’t, don’t worry, you still have a week before the performance to get a copy of the documentary.

In the mean time, there are two really cool articles about the group on NPR, so check them out and let me know what you think!

Here they are on Tiny Desk Concert, which is basicly a segment dedicated to music on Fridays.  It gives you a great idea of what you’re in for. http://www.npr.org/2011/04/06/133593913/sierra-leones-refugee-all-stars-tiny-desk-concert

This one is from a year ago and gives some great backgroun into the group: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124734833