Everything you've ever wanted to know about Chandler Center for the Arts

Looking Ahead

I have a few day’s break from our summer camps here at CCA, and I realized that it seems like Camp must be all that we do around here.

I’m not going to lie, it is a big chuck of time, but here’s a look at what else we have going on.

Another episode of everyone’s favorite Chandler vlog is coming up! I’m going on a little walk for this next episode, and I’ll be dropping hints like bread crumbs along the way.  Also, are there any places in Downtown Chandler that you’d like to see, or something at CCA that you find interesting but never really got a chance to explore? Let me know, and I’ll make an episode out of it.
(Here are Episodes 1 and 2)

August is when things really get rocking and rolling here.

We have the Free Summer Concert Series kicking off on August 5th with the Big Cactus Brass Band, and that is going to be a blast! I’ve seen these guys perform a few times before, and I haven’t been disappointed. Here is the complete list of the shows during the summer. Find one that works for you, and I’ll see you there!

August 20, come find some of the awesome CCA staffers (myself included) at Chester’s Harley-Davidson for a Party on the Patio. Every Saturday throughout the summer Chester’s you can hang out, have some amazing food and listen to Phoenix bands jam out. The Party is free, but we will be accepting donations at the cook station. I know it’s over a month a way, but I wanted to get the word out there, and I’ll send out some reminders.

We just had our first successful Twitter give-away, and I’m itching to do another one! The prize was 2 tickets to The Official Blues Brothers Revue once we reached 1200 followers on Twitter, and that didn’t take long at all! I did have a few people tell me that they would like to see the contest opened up to Facebook, our e-club and the blog, which is going to happen! Stay tuned for details and why not make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to win tickets by:

Liking us on Facebook.
Following us on Twitter.
Signing up for our e-club. To sign in, use your Ticketmaster user name and password.
(E-club members also get chances to buy tickets before the general public!)

Plus, you get to see all sorts of fun extras that happen around CCA

And I know I said that we have more than just camp going on, but I would like to mention that GLEE camp was so much fun this spring, we’re offering another camp in October. Details are here.

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