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Monday Mashup: Firefly & Fall Reminders

Firefly was amazing. They are a group that keeps evolving and getting better with each performance, and being able to watch that growth, even in just a year, has been awesome.

Of course, I took video! Here was their opener which was so much fun. The girls can play a wide variety of instruments, and if you missed Friday’s show, you really missed out on a unique musical experience.

Also, I’d just like to remind everyone that our Fall Performing Arts Program starts in a little more than a month! It’s the weekly class that runs from September 10-December 3, and is tailored to fit kids who want to improve their musical theatre skills, and that includes beginners too. (because if you’re a beginner, you can only get better from here!)

If you’re not ready for a long commitment like our Performing Arts Program, you (or your kids, because I know some former campers read this…) can still live out their dreams of fame and fortune in our Glee Camp, which runs from 9am-12pm October 1-5.

Both programs are going to feature brand new material, so if you did our Performing Arts Program or Glee before, you won’t be wasting your time doing the same thing.

You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee here. Have questions? I’m your lady, give me a shout and I’ll help you out.
(Unintentional rhyme win!)

Performing Arts Program & Glee Camp: What are we looking at here?

“Which is better, your Performing Arts Program or your Glee Camp?”

I’ve been asked that question several times and I can say, I honestly don’t know the answer. It all depends on you, your  people, and everyone’s schedule. Here’s a breakdown with more information so you can compare the two. Already know what you want? You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee Camp here.

Performing Arts Program
Monday Nights Only
September 10-December 3
Ages 7-12
The Performing Arts Program is the Center’s only opportunity for students to learn and grow in all aspects of musical theatre. We will be focusing on music theatre as well as audition techniques, improvisation, storytelling, and much more. This class strives to build foundations for students to develop self-confidence and encourage success and is a good option for those who want to get the right start in musical theare or for those with a solid foundation but want to take it to the next level.
Glee Camp
Monday-Friday for one week only
October 1-5
Ages 7+
During this one week intensive Glee camp, you will learn several pop songs and  dance routines under the professional direction of Kristen Drathman and her incredible team. Songs are Kidz Bop versions of popular songs, but Kristen makes a special effort to choose songs that are fun, easy to learn and have a positive message. I do my best to record as much of our camps as possible, and you can see past videos of Glee performances here and here.


Monday Mashup: All 80s and Glee Camps

If you weren’t able to make it out to Damn Yankees over the weekend, not only did you miss a hilarious show, but you missed the Youth Advisory Council’s “Art 4 Kidz” auction. The pieces and prizes were geared towards things that kids could use, but there were a few pieces that I bid on because they did a wonderful job of selecting prizes that appealed to everyone. Well done guys, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.

This weekend we don’t have any performances at the Center, but we do have rehearsals for Awesome 80s Prom, which kicks off next week. That means for the next week I’m walking around with a side ponytail and leg warmers that are so neon they make my eyes hurt. Oh yeah, it’s all 80s, all the time.

And lets not forget Spring Glee Camp is back! I’m about to head out to find out what songs their doing, and as always, I’ll post them so that proud moms, dads, grandparents and family can share the love.

We’re a classy joint.

But I’m sure you already knew that in the sense that we’re where the classy crowd hangs out. But what about in the sense that we’re the place with arts classes?

Previously, we had just offered Glee camps for a week and the full productions over the course of a few weeks in the summer.

That just wasn’t cutting it.  Our campers were not only having fun, they were learning. I had parents tell me that their child was shy and introverted before camp let them come out of their shell. I had another parent tell me their child never talked because of a speech impediment, but when the child sang, there was no impediment, and that gave the child hope and determination to work through it.

With stories like that, we couldn’t just have one camp during spring and fall breaks, and two in the summer. Our kids need more.

So we’re going to try something out. Starting January 23, kids can come down to the Center on Monday evenings for an acting class. They’ll get some tips on character development, improvisation and help to improve their skills. No experience? When have we ever turned someone away for no experience? Come as you are, because you’re going to have a hoot. Register here, and if you want to give these classes as a gift to someone, I will work with you to come up with some awesome way of giving it to them.

Have plans on Monday night? A child testing the waters? Want to have some extra fun on spring break? Then you know I have your back. We’re offering two weeks of Glee camp for Spring Break 2012. It may not be an MTV spring break*, but the kids feel like rock stars nonetheless. You can register for one or both of the Spring Glee camps here

*Do they still do those? I remember Carson Daly in Lake Havasu one year when I was there for a hockey tournament, but that may have been an unrelated event.  (Also, did I just age myself? Crudskys.)

Monday Mashup: Thankful

The list of things that we’re thankful for at the Center goes on and on, and if I wrote a blog post about everything that we and I were thankful for, it would be a great blog post, but I’m not sure anyone would stick around and read it. So, I’ll keep it short and simple.

We’re thankful that Ballet Etudes is bringing back The Nutcracker for two weekend performances. The Nutcracker has always seemed like a holiday tradition and I’m happy that the Center is doing it’s part to keep the tradition alive. You can still snag tickets, but keep in mind that they are going fast.

We’re also thankful for our kids programs. We started with just a few week-long camps, but those have grown. Instead of one Glee Intensive camp for spring break, we’re offering two. So if you can’t make one, please don’t count us out, or think of this as a way to have even more fun on a spring break.

Plus, the Glee Camps have been such a success, that we’re now offering a longer workshop for all the young actors that way to get some extra experience. It runs once a week from January until April, and the students will get the training they need to improve their skills.

We’re also thankful for Zoppé Parties. I might just make up an excuse so I can have a party with a (non-creepy) circus.

This last one is a personal one, but I’m thankful for you. At first, I felt like a weirdo because I was blogging but I wasn’t sure if anyone was listening, but then you showed that you were. I started getting comments in real life about things that I was blogging about, and I had a few people quietly nudge me when they felt that I wasn’t blogging enough.

You rock. Thanks for listening to me and making me feel like I’m not a weirdo. I owe you a hug and/or high-five the next time we run into each other.

Glee Camp Progress Report: A+

It’s the second to last day of Camp, and I’m going to miss these guys.

It’s Born This Way, now with 100% more dance moves!

Glee Camp shows us what they’re made of

It’s only the second day of our October Glee Camp and these kids already know the lyrics to two songs, as well as two dance routines.  They might play hard, but they certainly work harder and I think it’s going to really pay off when the perform for everyone on Friday.

I managed to sneak in and get some video of “Empire State of Mind” and “Born This Way”.


Coming up at the Center

Do you hear that?  It’s quiet…too quiet.

Well, maybe not too quiet (that would be creepy) but no extra noises and no singing. How boring.

Thankfully though, our summer camps start-up in two weeks, so I’ll have something else to listen to besides my keyboard clacking.

Our summer camps are basically Glee Camp with a sugar high. There are two camp sessions, but each camp does something different. Camp 1 starts in two weeks and the play is awesome. (And no, I’m not telling you what it is. I’ll let the kids spread that message because they’ll probably be talking about it non-stop.) 

Camp 2 is still getting ironed out, but it is a totally different play than the one for Camp 1, which is good because we have several kids who love us (well, our camps anyway) so much that they want to stick around all summer. That camp starts in July and is only 2 weeks.

Both camps have acting, singing and dancing, although not every part has all three, so if there are campers who love dancing and acting but aren’t so sure about the singing parts, they can tryout for the part that has the best fit for them. The last thing we want is for our kids to feel uncomfortable*, so we make sure that there are parts for everyone.

The flip side of that is that if a camper REALLY wants a part, they’re going to have to work for it! That’s the point of the auditions, Kristen (our amazing camp director) wants to help our campers put on the best performance possible, so she’ll go over what to work on the first day of camp.

Between now and then? Enjoy the silence, because it doesn’t last long around CCA.

*Because no one wants to be that kid standing on stage in the middle of practice and have a massive case of stage fright over take them. Happened to me when I was 10, and my mom has pictures. Talk about bad news bears.

My Fox Phoenix at Glee Camp newscast

If your schedule didn’t allow you to see Kirstin at Chandler Center for the Arts yesterday, never fear! We have the clip for you!

My Fox Phoenix vists Glee Camp!

This morning Kristin from Fox 10 came down to CCA and showed everyone how awesome our Glee Campers are! Here are some photos I took before, during and after the shoot. 

(Psssst. Didn’t get a chance to catch the live spot? Look for Kristen and the kids dancing on Friday!)

Spring Break Glee Camp Finale

These kids have worked so hard and did so much in a very short amount of time! Congratulations to all the performers, and we hope to see you during our summer camps!

This was their finale song, Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love”.

Glee Camp Day Three

Spring Glee Camp Day 1


Monday Mashup: Frank Sinatra Jr. and Ricky Skaggs

What better way to wake up on this cloudy Monday than with a little big band music? Here’s what you missed at Chandler Center for the Arts over the weekend:

Videos can never do a live performance justice, but that’s just one girl’s opinion.


This weekend, we have Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder gracing our stage.  Ricky has been a master at his art since he was 21, and is a can’t-miss for anyone with a passion for bluegrass or country music.  He’s been nominated for Grammys, GMA Dove Awards, and CMT Awards, so it’s safe to say this guy knows his stuff.

Oh! I can’t forget, if you stop by this week, you’ll be sure to hear a group of great kids singing their hearts out.  I’ll give you a little taste of that as the week goes on.