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Weekend In Review: Last Free Concerts of Season

This weekend was filled with fun and excitement. We could not have asked for a better way to finish up our On The House free summer concerts.

In case you missed it, here is a quick review of the weekend:

On Friday, we welcomed ¡FlaMÉXico! to our stage.  Before the doors opened to the stage, Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli-AZ, one of the featured 14th Annual Chandler C3HR Mariachi Festival performers, filled the lobby with incredible dances.

FreeSummerConcert2013 019 FreeSummerConcert2013 017 FreeSummerConcert2013 014 FreeSummerConcert2013 009

¡FlaMÉXico! then took the audience by surprise with their foot-tapping music and fantastic footwork. To say the least the evening was impresionante!

Saturday evening was yet another free summer concert. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear the musical beats of six up and coming bands/vocalists. It was a great youth showcase!

FreeSummerConcert2013 034

No Longer Together

FreeSummerConcert2013 037

Carly Paige

FreeSummerConcert2013 030

Eclipses for Eyes

FreeSummerConcert2013 027

Run 2 Cover

FreeSummerConcert2013 025

West Hills Brothers

[Not pictured: Molly Kigin]

A big thank you to all those who came out this season for our On The House free summer concert series. We hope you will join us for another concert or event this upcoming season! Chandler Center for the Arts upcoming 2013-2014 shows found here.

Monday Mashup: Fashion Show Recap

We made it to Monday! Many of us are sitting at our desks pondering our wonderful weekend activities. Some of us are even recovering from all the excitement. Here at Chandler Center for the Arts we had a fun-filled weekend that left lasting smiles on our faces.

This past Saturday the American Girl Fashion Show came to town. The foyer was filled with excitement as the little girls and their dolls buzzed around. The dolls were pampered before the show, photos were taken and by the end kiddos were skipping out of the center.  It was certainly a splendid day for all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Monday Mashup: What do you get…

…When you mix a folk singer and a blues/jazz band?

Brian Chartrand & The Voce Project.

The video is a tad long, but I like it because it shows the different talents of the project, and I think it was one of the audience’s favorite songs. It’s a bit slow and mellow, but it’s perfect to keep me nice and mellow so I can make the most out of my Monday.

We also had the second performance of our 3 Evenings With The Arts, but I wasn’t able to get any video or photos of that, sadly. We had a great turnout, and now we’re focused on next month’s Bible Bingo, An Act of Charity in Two Acts (also a part of the 3 Evenings With The Arts) and our last Free Summer Concert, the Territorial Brass Band. Before I know it, the 2012-2013 season will be here and temperatures will be nice and I’ll be so busy that I won’t know what to do with myself.

…Well, I only half believe the part about cooler temperatures. Just because I don’t remember what 75 degrees feels like.

How is the start of the week treating you?

Monday Mashup: No More Lazy Summer Days

Because we have things to do around here!

On Friday we had the Sun Lakes Big Band, even though they admitted on stage that not many of their members live in Sun Lakes. They played some amazing Frank Sinatra and old school Glenn Miller (Can you have anything other than old school Glenn Miller? I’m talking about the really early stuff).

I didn’t get any video, but that was because everyone was being amazing and wanted to take part in our drawing with the Downtown Chandler Art Walk! You ladies and gents make me blush. Any time I get it into my head that I want to do some kind of contest or drawing or raffle, even with only a few days notice, you come out and participate and make me feel all warm and glowy. I have this fear that I sit out with something fun to do, and no one will show up. But thankfully, it’s a completely unfounded fear, because you are awesome.

And back to our regular Monday Mashup format.

This weekend we have two shows: Brian Chartrand & The Voce Project, as part of our Free Summer Concert Series and Hollywood Sings: Classic Cinema Songs  (with the lovely as ever Krsiten Drathman, who is our camp director).

Brian is taking the stage at the Center on Friday night at 7:30 with his twist on jazz. I gave him a listen the other day and his music sounds like a mix of jazz, rock and something that resembled bluegrass. He makes it all work. Like I said, he’ll be here Friday (August 24) and the show starts at 7:3opm, seating starts at 7:00pm and the doors open at 6:30. Seating is first come, first served and we will gladly accept any donations that you throw our way.

On Saturday night we’re back with our second installment of our 3 Evenings For The Arts fundraiser, and we’re really looking forward to building off the successes of our last show with Joe Bourne. As with our last show, there will be a live auction, silent auction and raffle, with wine tasting starting at 6:30. Make sure you keep an eye on your bids too, last time there were a few bidding wars…..

You can still get tickets to Hollywood Sings here. If you want tickets to the last two shows, call our box office at 480-782-2680.

Monday Mashup: Firefly & Fall Reminders

Firefly was amazing. They are a group that keeps evolving and getting better with each performance, and being able to watch that growth, even in just a year, has been awesome.

Of course, I took video! Here was their opener which was so much fun. The girls can play a wide variety of instruments, and if you missed Friday’s show, you really missed out on a unique musical experience.

Also, I’d just like to remind everyone that our Fall Performing Arts Program starts in a little more than a month! It’s the weekly class that runs from September 10-December 3, and is tailored to fit kids who want to improve their musical theatre skills, and that includes beginners too. (because if you’re a beginner, you can only get better from here!)

If you’re not ready for a long commitment like our Performing Arts Program, you (or your kids, because I know some former campers read this…) can still live out their dreams of fame and fortune in our Glee Camp, which runs from 9am-12pm October 1-5.

Both programs are going to feature brand new material, so if you did our Performing Arts Program or Glee before, you won’t be wasting your time doing the same thing.

You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee here. Have questions? I’m your lady, give me a shout and I’ll help you out.
(Unintentional rhyme win!)

Monday Mashup: Back from the past and looking forward

Last weekend was one of the best openers I think we’ve had in a while.
First, we had Comeback Buddy

And they brought dancers!

Saturday was our first 3 Evenings For The Arts, and Joe Bourne was phenomenal. During intermission, he and his trio came out and said “Hi” to everyone. All around a class act.

Since I was occupied with other things, I was happy to pass off the role of photographer to another willing person, and here are a few of the shots he got from Saturday night.

As always, Monday Mashup doesn’t just re-cap the weekend, it preps you for the upcoming one! This Friday as part of our Free Summer Concerts, we’re bringing Firefly back! If you were an early reader, you may remember them from an interview I did last year when they opened for Steve Warnier, which you can re-read here.

They are three sisters from Gilbert with an amazing sound, and I’m so excited that we can give them their own show this year! They take the stage Friday night at 7:30. Reminder, doors open at 6:30, but you won’t be able to get a seat until 7:00. Suggested donations are $5/child, $10/adult and $15/family.

Monday Mashup: Free Summer Concerts and 3 Evenings With The Arts

Less than 5 days until the Center is ready to rock another successful Free Summer Concert Series and our brand new never before seen 3 Evenings With The Arts fundraiser.

Friday (July 27) is our first Free Summer Concert show of 2012. The doors open at 6:30pm, but seating doesn’t start until 7:00pm, and its first come, first served. Comeback Buddy doesn’t take the stage until 7:30, so you’ll have plenty of time to get home, relax for a minute (maybe cool down) before you head out to see one of the best shows that CCA has to offer.

Yes, the concert is free, so you could just show up and watch the show, but we’d appreciate a little love in the form of a couple of bucks. The suggested donations are $5 per person, $10 per couple and $15 per family. Like I said, these are just suggestions, so do what feels right. The important thing is to come out, support local music and have a good time.

On Saturday (July 28) we start our first 3 Evenings With The Arts Fundraiser with Joe Bourne & Trio performing “Remembering Mr. Cole, a Tribute to Nat King Cole.” Joe is a great guy with an amazing sound, and he’s just what we need to get this fundraiser off to a running start.

But 3 Evenings With The Arts isn’t just about the show, it’s about raising money for our Connecting Kidz so that we can continue to offer an arts program to kids who may not have access to art. To do that, we’ve come up with a silent auction prizes that include:

Two Tour Tickets to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

A Cigar Package

Phoenix Rock Gym day pass for two plus all the gear you’ll need

A Jeweled Pen Set

Two passes to Augusta Ranch Golf Club, including a cart & lunch

A Wine Package

A pack of 10 passes Stratum Laser Tag

A Cigar Box Guitar made right here in Chandler (If you’ve been to the Art Walk, you’ll have seen or heard these guitars.)

Two tickets to the Invisible Theatre

Black & White Photo Art from Heather Wilson Creates

Four passes to the Musical Instrument Museum

A limited edition Brighton Bracelet & Towel

Four tickets to an Arizona Diamondbacks game

One family pass to Desert Botanical Gardens


And a Raffle!

$5 each or 5 for $20

The Fishermans Retreat, a signed lithograph by artist Graham Foster

A Waterford Crystal Clock

Crown Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort one-night stay for 2 including breakfast


We’re also going to have wine tasting from Chateau Ste. Michelle,  hors d’oeuvres and The Crawford Brothers performing in the lobby starting at 6:30. If those aren’t reasons to be here and help kids, then I don’t know what is.

See you this weekend!

Monday Mashup: Last Call

Last week was insane. We had amazing runs of Awesome 80s Prom, and I’m really sad to see it go.  The shows got better as the week went on, and as more people participated in the Prom. Our Facebook page is loaded with photos from the photo booth, and feel free to check them out and tag yourself if you came!

This weekend is the last weekend of the 2011/2012 season, and I’m really sad that it’s almost all over. We had a wonderful season and it was a great success. It also means that I (Caitie) have survived my first full CCA season, and if any of you bet against me:

A:) I’m here to collect

B:) You’re mean.

But that’s okay.

This weekend we’re going to go out with a bang with Joan Rivers and Marty Stuart.

I’m not sure and preview that I can give Joan will do her justice, but I’m going to try. She’s going to be performing her new stand up, and talking about her experiences on Fashion Police and on the Red Carpet. If you love hearing Joan rip into people on her shows, she’s going to be 10 times better in person.

The show starts at 8pm, and I’m dead serious when I say be there by 8. Yes, there will be an opener, but once Joan in on stage, no one will be let into the house, so they’ll have to watch the performance on the TV screens in the lobby.

So, be here at 7:45. Just in case.Tickets (if there are any left) would be here.

Saturday night we have Marty Stuart coming through to close out our season. I’m really excited because we haven’t had anything like him play at the Center this year, and it’s that bluegrass “hillbilly rock” (his words, not mine) that is his specialty that I love. I seriously can’t wait, and I’m really glad that we get to end the season on such a high note.

Snag tickets to Saturday night’s show here.

Monday Mashup: Record all the performances

That’s what I try to do here. Just because people didn’t (or in the case of Los Lonely Boys, couldn’t) come to a show doesn’t mean they have to miss out entirely.

But first, here’s what we have going on this weekend: On Saturday we’re totally changing gears and presenting a musical! About baseball! Just in time for Spring Training too. Damn Yankees (I love that title) is about a guy who trades his soul to the Devil so his baseball team can beat those “Damn Yankees.” I think this show is going to be a hoot, because how many of us have said the same thing about the Yankees? (Or if you’re a Yankees fan, the Red Sox.) Snag a pair of tickets here, and then go out for some Spring Training fun.

And without further ado, here’s a snippit of what happened at the Center this weekend.

The Dunwells blew us all away.

The Los Lonely Boys made the entire theater shake.


Saturday, Jim Curry reminded us all how amazing John Denver was.

Matthew and Gunnar Nelsen gave their dad a run for his money.


The only performance that I didn’t get to record this weekend was Red Star Red Army, but that was because I was enjoying the show as a patron. But shame on me if I forget to neglect my duties, so I did manage to snag a photo. I don’t speak Russian, much less understand it, but that was one of my favorite shows in a long time.


Ps. How many of you read the title and thought of this? I can’t be the only Internet nerd in the room.


Monday Mashup: Eat something and see a show

(That kind of describes my typical date, now that I think of it.)

Whether you want to treat someone who smells nice to a date, or want to go out with a group of friends and people you like, the Center has you covered this week.

Tomorrow is Eat Your Art Out Chandler! I feel like we’ve been taking this up for months, and now it’s finally here!It’s one day a year when Chandler restaurants give a portion of their earnings to the Center if you eat there during a period of time. I have the complete list here, and that also tells you what time you should go eat at a particular restaurant.

While you’re out, feel free to share photos or your experience on our Facebook wall, or Tweet about it using the hashtag #EYAOC (or mention us and I’ll retweet it)

Then this weekend we have Los Lonely Boys, Ricky Nelson Remembered (with his two sons, Matthew and Gunnar) and Red Star Red Army Russian Chorus and Dance Ensemble (say that five times fast).

Los Lonely Boys will be here on Friday night at 8pm, and I can’t wait! I’ve loved them ever since “Heaven” came out, and I got a kick out of  “Onda”. TexMex isn’t usually my style of music, but they make it work. If you want to come see the show, click here.

On Saturday night, we’re getting a treat. Not only are Matthew and Gunnar going to perform their dad’s songs, but they’re also going to share some home videos and photos so we can get a better understanding of their family and of Ricky’s songs meanings. How cool is that? If you want to come party with us on Saturday at 7:30, click here.

Sunday’s Red Star Red Army is a show that I’m not going to be working, but watching. (I have a crush on old Soviet era songs) But it isn’t just old anthems about how great the former USSR is, they will also be singing older folk songs and performing traditional dances, so the history geek in me is being a spaz about that. We still have tickets, and you can grab them here.

Monday Mashup: Pretending to be Tuesday

I love long weekends, but I don’t love when Monday pretends to be Tuesday so that we all like him/her better.

I’m on to you, pal.

This last weekend was a huge success at the Center. On Saturday we had Kathleen Madigan, who was a real treat, and she even offered tips to fix healthcare and airport security, by having all travelers get a CAT scan at the airport. (Trust me, she said it funnier than I did). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any video or photos from her performance, so if you couldn’t make it on Saturday, you really missed out.

Sunday we had the wonderful Peter Gros, who is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He let me back stage before his show to get a few pictures of his animals back stage. I didn’t stay too long, because they had a show coming up and I didn’t want to tire them out…and because there was a red bag bigger than me that had something moving in it and I’m pretty sure it was a huge snake. Nothing against them, I think they’re fascinating, I just don’t like being around them for too long.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although I was brave and got a photo of a different snake.

This weekend we don’t have any performances, but we still have a lot going on. The whole weekend we have WordCamp making another appearance, and I get to go this year! Very exciting.

On Friday, we have the Gold Cup Talent Competition, and Sunday is Step Up 2 Dance Competition.

Then next week, the big mamajamma. Eat Your Art Out Chandler. Scope out your spots because not only will you be supporting the arts by eating out, you can win fabulous prizes!

Monday Mashup: A little fun for everyone

If it’s Monday, then it means that we’re already looking forward to the weekend, and I’m no exception. But while the weekend means lounging around catching up on Downton Abby for some, it means shows for me!

On Friday, we have Sister Moses, the Story of Harriet Tubman performing at 8pm. It’s a Desert Dance Theatre production, and it’s been in the Valley for almost 20 years. If you haven’t caught a performance yet, never fear, you’ll have your shot at the end of the week, and then you won’t be the odd person out who hasn’t seen it!

On Saturday we have the Chandler Symphony Orchestra at 2 pm, and that is free, as always. That night at 8pm, we have Kathleen Madigan, who  made herself known on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. You can catch a clip of her here, as well as buy tickets.  Although I’d probably call our box office for this one, because last time I checked, tickets were selling like mad.

If you aren’t in the mood for history or comedy this weekend, we have Peter Gros, part of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.  Peter isn’t a stranger to the Valley, though. He visited us back in November on two separate occasions.


I think his owl is a movie star now.


Monday Mashup: Shows, shows and more shows.

I love showing rather than telling, and two of our shows this weekend can express themselves better than I could.

One of our patrons summed up Alpin Hong perfectly.

We’re happy that you’re happy.


And then, there was Ballroom with A Twist. I was expecting the dancers, but I didn’t know about the appearances of David Hernandez and Gina Glocksen, so I was surprised.

I took a bunch of video, but that would just take up space on the blog, so I’ve created a playlist here.

I wasn’t able to grab any video from Wyatt Earp, but I loved the show. Getting to hear about the early days of Arizona (especially as an Arizona native) made my day. If anyone has any pictures they’d like to share, throw them my way.

Phew, three shows, and that was just a weekend recap, so I’ll make this next one short. On Saturday night we’re hosting Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis as a part of their Grits and Glamour tour. I had not heard of Lorrie or Pam until last spring, and I’m ashamed of that. I like country as much as the next person, but there is just something about these two ladies that I can really connect to, and I enjoy listening to their music.

You can find out how to get tickets, as well as watch a video of them, here.

Monday Mashup the Finale: Wyatt Earp

I’m dead serious when I say Wyatt Earp is coming here on Sunday.

Wyatt Earp the lawman who gained fame and notoriety from the Tombstone shootout at the O.K. Corral died, and unfortunately we couldn’t get his ghost to sign a contract to perform here.

So we got his descendent, also named Wyatt Earp, to stop by on Sunday and give our audiences a look at what life was like back in the days of Wyatt Earp v. 1.0.

Wyatt Earp v. 2.0 will perform a one man show about life on the frontier, and also give us a glimpse at the Wyatt Earp v. 1.o that he didn’t show for the world to see.

Growing up in Arizona, I can remember reenacting the shootout at the O.K. Corral for school plays, parades and just for fun,* so I can’t wait to see someone who actually gets paid to do something that cool.

Oh, and he’s asked me (shouted, more like) to say that he’s coming on Sunday at 3pm, and he’s bringing a something special.


*I was always cast as Doc Holliday. I still don’t know how I feel about that.

*And no, I will not be your Huckleberry. I had one guy ask me that and I had to give him the Ice-Queen-Death-Stare-Crazy-Eye until he left.

Monday Mashup round 2: Ballroom With A Twist.

A few days ago, I posted this clip of Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska performing together to give you a hint at the level of talent that we’re bringing to the Center on Saturday night. I have a few more clips of just Edyta and Alec dancing and the style they bring, but we’re also bringing in other dancers with different talents and specialties.

But just for fun, I thought I’d share some more of Alec and Edyta’s dancing, probably because deep down I wish I could dance like her, instead of flop around waving my arms like I know what I’m doing (I did this at my Aunt’s wedding. There is photographic proof.)

Monday Mashup: Thankful

The list of things that we’re thankful for at the Center goes on and on, and if I wrote a blog post about everything that we and I were thankful for, it would be a great blog post, but I’m not sure anyone would stick around and read it. So, I’ll keep it short and simple.

We’re thankful that Ballet Etudes is bringing back The Nutcracker for two weekend performances. The Nutcracker has always seemed like a holiday tradition and I’m happy that the Center is doing it’s part to keep the tradition alive. You can still snag tickets, but keep in mind that they are going fast.

We’re also thankful for our kids programs. We started with just a few week-long camps, but those have grown. Instead of one Glee Intensive camp for spring break, we’re offering two. So if you can’t make one, please don’t count us out, or think of this as a way to have even more fun on a spring break.

Plus, the Glee Camps have been such a success, that we’re now offering a longer workshop for all the young actors that way to get some extra experience. It runs once a week from January until April, and the students will get the training they need to improve their skills.

We’re also thankful for Zoppé Parties. I might just make up an excuse so I can have a party with a (non-creepy) circus.

This last one is a personal one, but I’m thankful for you. At first, I felt like a weirdo because I was blogging but I wasn’t sure if anyone was listening, but then you showed that you were. I started getting comments in real life about things that I was blogging about, and I had a few people quietly nudge me when they felt that I wasn’t blogging enough.

You rock. Thanks for listening to me and making me feel like I’m not a weirdo. I owe you a hug and/or high-five the next time we run into each other.

Monday Mashup: Long weekend, regular weekend, really long weekend

I was expecting Classic Albums to perform Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and bring the house down, but they far exceeded my expectations. Seriously, when they first started up I had to squint from my perch to make sure that we didn’t actually hire Fleetwood Mac or that they snuck on stage. The group sounded just like Fleetwood Mac, down to the note. I was blown away.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some video that I got from this weekend.

(….testing. Testing. Please WordPress don’t fail me now)

Okay there’s a hitch in something and my videos aren’t imbedding properly. So click on over to here and here, and you’ll be able to listen.


This weekend we don’t have any performances, but the weekend after, in my favorite long weekend of the year, we’re kicking off The Nutcracker by Ballet Etudes. They were the same people that put on the ballet in the spring, and it’s Nutcracker! It’s a tradition, and you can’t mess with traditions.  They’ll be here for two weekends, so if you’re out of town next weekend, you can watch them in the beginning of December.

Monday Mashup: Whirlwind Ruckus.

That best describes our weekend and Friday night show at the Center. If you missed it, you didn’t just miss an amazing show, but you missed out on a whole experience. Lucky for you, I understand that emergencies come up, and there are maybe one or two good excuses for missing the show. So, here’s a taste.

First, we had three amazing gentlemen (who didn’t mind me stalking them) playing the bagpipes to welcome people to the Center.

Then you walked in and saw these lovely young ladies from AZ Colleen. Break it down, now.

And finally, you got to watch the show! Here’s a clip of Gaelic Storm playing “What’s the Rumpus?” Let me just say that most performers can get the audience going along with them for a song, maybe two. Gaelic Storm had everyone participating the entire show. Well done, guys.

Amazing time. We need them back next year.

This weekend we’re continuing the Irish trend, but taking it in a different direction. On Sunday you can catch Orla Fallon performing here, and it’s going to be a great time. She’s a little more traditional than Gaelic Storm, and her songs can really pull on your heart-strings one minute, and then make you laugh and clap along the next. She’s a great performer and you really can’t miss it.

Monday Mashup: One down, many more to go

Our 2011/2012 season got the amazing start it deserved over the weekend with The Official Blues Brothers Revue. While I didn’t get to spend all the time with them that I wanted, they were kind enough to help us promote Eat Your Art Out and let me know that the Jake and Elwood on their knuckles were in fact, not real. Kind of a bummer but they get an A+ for the attention to detail.

The whole show was just great. Elwood even did a rendition of Cab Calloway/Curtis Blues’ “Minnie the Moocher” that would have made him proud, scat singing an all.

But why keep telling this when I can show it? That’s what you can here for, right?

How do you start off a Blues Brothers show? By doing a cartwheel, of course.

You heard the boys, give them some lovin’!

And just because I’m a sucker for a tall dude in a black with a harmonica.

We’re keeping the energy high this week with a show by our annual favorites, Gaelic Storm. They have been to the Center so many times over the years and I have yet to see them live.

Bad, bad Caitie! I’m so ashamed right now. I’ve heard them before with friends at their houses or driving some place, and I loved their sound from the moment that I heard them. With a song like “The Night I Punched Russell Crowe“, how can you not love them?

They roll into town on Friday, and because I love everyone to pieces, I might be able to pull something together for a lucky person that comes to the show. (Fingers crossed!)

Monday Mashup: I’m on a mission from God.

Q: How many miles will it take me to get to Chicago if I have a full tank of gas and half a pack of cigarettes, but only if I go when it’s dark and I’m wearing sunglasses.

A: 106 miles.

I would have also accepted “Caitie it’s only Monday and you’re going to start quoting Blues Brothers already?” Yes. Yes I am.

I can remember watching Blues Brothers when I was a little kid, and I may not have gotten the whole story (I had the attention span of a hamster) but one thing that I can remember clearly was the music. It was my first introduction to Cab Calloway, John Lee Hooker, Sam and Dave, and by extension Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix’s (his blues songs, at least).  I could go on all day.

But I won’t, because where’s the fun in that? The fun doesn’t start until Saturday, when we’re bringing the closest thing to the real Jake and Elwood to the Center to strut their stuff and show us Zonies how Chicago does the blues.

The Official Blues Brothers Revue is the only Blues Brothers act that is sanctioned by the Belushi estate and Dan Ackroyd, which means that it really is the only Blues Brothers that is worth watching.  Wayne Catania and Kieron Lafferty (better known as Jake and Elwood) looks, sound and act just like the Jake and Elwood in the SNL skits and movie, right down to their names tattooed on their knuckles. Remind me to ask them if it’s permanent or not.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the season than with a show that will make you stand up and dance, whether you’re someone who saw Muddy Waters, Janis Joplin and Ray Charles live, or you first listened to Ma Rainey, Louis Armstrong and the Little Smokey Brothers on your iPod. Also, get your tickets today for the show and you’ll have the heads up on a contest to meet Jake and Elwood.

Monday Mashup: Gratitude

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the #ChandlerHunt on Friday. It was a huge learning experience and twice the amount of fun I thought it would be. Ya’ll rock, and I wish I could give you a hug (in a totally, not creepy kind of way).

I also want to thank the businesses that put up with me and were more than willing from day one to participate. Gangplank, Serranos, Inspirador, Di Sciacca, Sibley’s West, San Tan Brewing Company and Dashawn from Costco. Please make sure to visit them and tell them how amazing they are. (You can find Dashawn at the Chandler Mall Costco. Look for this charming fellow)

Also, thank you to Jennifer at the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, for introducing me to all the right people. Give them a shout and ask how you can help make Downtown Chandler even more awesome than it is.


Oh, and we did have a show. The Sugar Thieves get better every time I see them, but here’s the video, if you need proof.

Monday Mashup: It still feels like summer

Once our Summer Concert series ends, it won’t though!

Our last Free Summer Concert is this Friday at 7:30 pm, and we’re partying with Sugar Thieves.  If you haven’t seen or heard them, you’re really missing out. I heard them during Mardi Gras and it was electrifying. I wandered around until I could find them and then just hung out there.  And, it’s a free concert. Holla if you love free.

Don’t forget, come to Downtown Chandler before the concert (aim for sometime between 5:30-6 pm) and participate in #CHANDLERHUNT. We’re giving out awesome prizes, and some of the participating locations are giving some away too, so no matter what, you’ll walk away with some #swag.  You can grab some friends and split the prize or ditch them and keep the glory to yourself. But it’ll be fun. So tell as many people as you can, and I’ll see ya’ll on Friday.

Speaking of #ChandlerHunt, have you seen the clues? Look through the blog, and look around at some of the Downtown establishments, they might look a little familiar.

Monday Mashup: Salty Edition

Q: How do you make Mondays awesome?

A: Combine International Talk Like A Pirate Day with a Monday Mashup.  Yarrrrr.

(I believe I be havin’ too much merriment wif’ a holiday such as this).

The rest of this post with be in non-pirate speak, but if the sound of that doesn’t put the wind in your sails, feel free to translate it with this. And then send me the results, because I know they’re going to be hilarious.

Who came by the Raices Community Reception? Pics, or it didn’t happen.

A quick shout out to the performers of the Intel Variety Show, who raised $30K for the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona. You guys are amazing and did such a wonderful job for a great cause. High fives to each and every one of you.

This weekend we’re continuing the CALA Festival celebration with the 12th Annual Chandler C3HR Mariachi Festival, and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, get on that. I know for a fact that one of the price ranges has sold out, and the others are right behind it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to practice my pirate-y laugh. I tried it earlier this morning and instead of sounding like Capt. Barbossa I sounded like a chinchilla screaming. Oy.

Monday Mashup: Ask and you shall receive

Another case of the weekend gone missing.

Chandler Symphony’s Pops Concert was a HUGE success on Friday. They not only packed the house, but the packed the lobby too. Thank you guys so much. It’s a great feeling to see such an amazing support base in the community. ❤ you.

The Get Out Expo went really well, and a big thanks to everyone who came out, and those who came out and either said the secret phrases or did the not-so-secret High Five. The looks from the other booths cracked me up. If you couldn’t find us, or weren’t able to make it out, all the information that we had at the Get Out Expo can be found here, here and here.

Don’t forget to sign up for #ChandlerHunt. You don’t want to be left out of the fun, do you?

Also, groups can now buy tickets (minimum of 10) to Awesome 80’s Prom. It’s at least 10 kinds of awesome and really fun and different way to spend the evening.

Since there isn’t a Free Concert this weekend at CCA, you could spend your weekend checking out #ChandlerHunt and Awesome 80s. Just sayin’.

(Ps. Those of you at the Get Out Expo that said you got to the Pops Concert early because of my warnings on Facebook and Twitter made my weekend. High fives all around!)