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High School Musical 2

Last Friday was our very last day of Summer Camp for 2012. The campers put on an amazing sendoff and showed us just how good things can happen when you work really hard for four days and love what you do.

Check out one, or both, of the camp videos below!


*Also, we have a ton of water bottle, lunch boxes and even some fancy electronic stuff  left from all of our camps this summer. If you’re missing something, or even thing you’re missing something, give me a shout and help me find homes for all of our stuff.

They do dance

This camp has been moving at an incredible pace. Every time I tried to get some video of the kids practicing, they moved on to something by the time I got my camera set up. I did manage to snag this video yesterday morning, but by now it’s something totally different and new. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us tomorrow afternoon!