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Weekend Preview: Full house

I love when the Center can pack the house, and we’re going to be pretty darn close this weekend. Tonight we have Los Lonely Boys, and if you want to go to the show but don’t have your tickets yet, get on it! The boys have promised us an amazing show, and we know they’re good for it.

Tomorrow night we have Ricky Nelsen Remembered, as well as a tribute to John Denver by Jim Curry. This should be an amazing show, because twins Matthew and Gunner aren’t going to be simply performing, but they are also going to take the audience and show them what their lives were like, and maybe give us a different look at their dad, Ricky.]

Both the Nelsen brothers and Jim Curry will have equal set time, and I’m really excited how this will turn out. Apparently, so are a bunch of other people because this show is selling like mad. You can pick yours out here.

On Sunday we have a show that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble. I have a crush on all things traditional, and I love Russian songs.  Here’s a sample of what to expect at the show on Sunday, and if you see me wandering around not in work clothes (or with a camera) please come say hi!

If you want tickets to Sunday’s show, you can get them here.

Monday Mashup: Eat something and see a show

(That kind of describes my typical date, now that I think of it.)

Whether you want to treat someone who smells nice to a date, or want to go out with a group of friends and people you like, the Center has you covered this week.

Tomorrow is Eat Your Art Out Chandler! I feel like we’ve been taking this up for months, and now it’s finally here!It’s one day a year when Chandler restaurants give a portion of their earnings to the Center if you eat there during a period of time. I have the complete list here, and that also tells you what time you should go eat at a particular restaurant.

While you’re out, feel free to share photos or your experience on our Facebook wall, or Tweet about it using the hashtag #EYAOC (or mention us and I’ll retweet it)

Then this weekend we have Los Lonely Boys, Ricky Nelson Remembered (with his two sons, Matthew and Gunnar) and Red Star Red Army Russian Chorus and Dance Ensemble (say that five times fast).

Los Lonely Boys will be here on Friday night at 8pm, and I can’t wait! I’ve loved them ever since “Heaven” came out, and I got a kick out of  “Onda”. TexMex isn’t usually my style of music, but they make it work. If you want to come see the show, click here.

On Saturday night, we’re getting a treat. Not only are Matthew and Gunnar going to perform their dad’s songs, but they’re also going to share some home videos and photos so we can get a better understanding of their family and of Ricky’s songs meanings. How cool is that? If you want to come party with us on Saturday at 7:30, click here.

Sunday’s Red Star Red Army is a show that I’m not going to be working, but watching. (I have a crush on old Soviet era songs) But it isn’t just old anthems about how great the former USSR is, they will also be singing older folk songs and performing traditional dances, so the history geek in me is being a spaz about that. We still have tickets, and you can grab them here.