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Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteering takes time and devotion. Volunteering is love in motion.

IMG_1593Today, Chandler Center for the Arts hosted the 100 Hours Centennial Volunteer Challenge Recognition Breakfast. The Challenge included Chandler residents or individuals who volunteered for a Chandler organization or project, and provided 100 hours of community service between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31, 2012. Volunteers were required to do their hours in the City of Chandler city limits, either through an established nonprofit program or City volunteer program.

A total of 2,152 people volunteered a total of 141,833 hours in service to the community – amongst those were some of CCA’s finest.

Volunteering makes a drastic difference here at Chandler Center for the Arts. Our volunteers take tickets, show people to their seats, pass out programs, monitor the Gallery on show nights, help out at the concession counter, gift shop area and participate in special events including Eat Your Art Out Chandler (Febuary 26, 2013). Honestly, the show would not run without our volunteers.

So here is a special shout out to our volunteers. Thank you for all you do for the center.

Interested in becoming a CCA volunteer? Learn more here.