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Performing Arts Program & Glee Camp: What are we looking at here?

“Which is better, your Performing Arts Program or your Glee Camp?”

I’ve been asked that question several times and I can say, I honestly don’t know the answer. It all depends on you, your  people, and everyone’s schedule. Here’s a breakdown with more information so you can compare the two. Already know what you want? You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee Camp here.

Performing Arts Program
Monday Nights Only
September 10-December 3
Ages 7-12
The Performing Arts Program is the Center’s only opportunity for students to learn and grow in all aspects of musical theatre. We will be focusing on music theatre as well as audition techniques, improvisation, storytelling, and much more. This class strives to build foundations for students to develop self-confidence and encourage success and is a good option for those who want to get the right start in musical theare or for those with a solid foundation but want to take it to the next level.
Glee Camp
Monday-Friday for one week only
October 1-5
Ages 7+
During this one week intensive Glee camp, you will learn several pop songs and  dance routines under the professional direction of Kristen Drathman and her incredible team. Songs are Kidz Bop versions of popular songs, but Kristen makes a special effort to choose songs that are fun, easy to learn and have a positive message. I do my best to record as much of our camps as possible, and you can see past videos of Glee performances here and here.