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Weekend Preview: Let the Irish jokes begin

Tonight we have the always fun Gaelic Storm, and they’re a great way to keep up the energy that we’ve had since the Blues Brothers last week. These guys have a great sense of humor that they bring to their music, and that makes for a really great live performance.

Plus, remember these?

I’m giving them to you, because you rock. You’ll have to tell me what movie they were in (the answer is on our Facebook and Twitter pages) and you’ll get yourself a snazzy poster. Easy peasy.

In continuing with all things Irish, we couldn’t be happier that Irish Republic Public House (the pub formerly known as Murphy’s Law) has joined us for Eat Your Art Out.

For owner Rodger Baldwin, the move was a no brainer.

“I’m a strong supporter of community based programs and the efforts that bring people together, and the Chandler Center for the Arts seem to do that well,” he said. That support can also be seen the moment you walk into Irish Republic in the form of dollar bills that plaster the inside of the pub with handwritten notes expressing gratitude for all that Roger does for the community.

But why support the arts with food? It just made sense for Roger.

“Both food and art are generally associated with community togetherness and invoke thoughts of family, love, tradition and creativity. In many ways, food is art with its vast array of colors and flavor combinations from around the world. Also, innovation plays a huge role in food and art, making them the perfect pair.”

I couldn’t agree more. So come out and support the local scene with a Gaelic Storm show and an after party at Irish Republic Public House.