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Calling All Dog Lovers

Cesar Millan is coming in 13 days! Over here at the Arts Center we can barely contain our excitement to welcome Cesar to our stage. Any dog lover that might be out there can completely understand our excitement. If you aren’t familiar with the hit series “Dog Whisperer” or his new show “Leader of the Pack”, here is a little bit about Cesar.*

Cesar Millan came to the US when he was 21. Millan spoke no English and lived on the streets for two months. He soon became a dog groomer and walker. This lead to his reputation for the ability to work with aggressive dogs.

In 1994, Cesar met Jada Pinkett, then a sitcom actress. She became one of his clients and biggest supporters. When Millan told her of his ambitions to be on television she told him he needed to learn English first. Pinkett was kind enough to pay for his English tutor for the year.

After a profile of Millan ran in the Los Angeles Times, he was approached by several production companies to develop a TV show. This lead to the launch of the well known TV series, “Dog Whisper.”  The show was just the beginning of his incredible journey opening up doors to books, the Dog Psychology Center (DPC), The Millan Foundation, etc.

With this short glimpse into the life of Cesar hopefully you can see why we are excited to learn more about him and obtain some tips and tricks for our own dogs. Although this show is sold out we have a few $500 sponsorship spaces left. This sponsorship includes:

  • Two VIP tickets and Meet-N-Greet with Cesar Millan
  • Name Listed In All CCA 2012-2013 Playbills
  • Name Listed on CCA Website
  • Quarter-Page Ad In (1) Playbill*

Call our box office today to reserve your space (480) 782-2680!

*All background information was pulled from http://www.cesarsway.com/askcesar/aboutcesar