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Inspire Your Heart With Art

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day! Today we celebrate art and the effect it can have on our hearts. Each form of art can inspire our hearts to feel.

The Chandler Center for the Arts is certainly a place to inspire your heart with art. We are lucky enough to have art in the form of performances almost every weekend (see full schedule here).

We also have a gallery filled with art. Tomorrow, February 1, the gallery reopens its doors to the public. The gallery will feature “Waterworks: Really Abstract or Abstractly Real?” This is an exhibit of artworks by Arizona watercolor critique group Waterworks. The Waterworks Artists are ten artists who live in the Valley of the Sun. A group spirit of friendship, cooperation and support is created through open sharing of water-media ideas, art related information and constructive painting critiques. While maintaining the highest levels of artistic professionalism, these artists have exhibited widely since 1995 in many prominent venues. Learn more about the artwork and artists here.

Join in inspiring your heart at Chandler Center for the Arts. Your heart and mind might work harmoniously or conflict with emotion as you waltz through the gallery or observe a performance.

Gallery News: “Go Figure” runs through Oct. 27, 2012

One of the things that I have always loved about working at the Chandler Center is that I am working in an Art Center. Whether I’m listening to the performing art students rehearse, or listening to artists install an exhibit in the Center’s 2,000 square foot gallery space, I get to work in an office that is immersed by visual and performance art.

The latest exhibition is entitled “Go Figure”, Figurative Artworks in 2 and 3 Dimensions which runs through October 27 and is FREE to the public.

Figurative art is not always synonymous with “art that represents the human figure,” although the human form is predominantly the most prevalent subject. In figurative art the elements of line and composition are deployed to create a realistic impression or abstracted illusion of form and space. This exhibition features a wide variety of media, including artist studies in graphite, oil portraiture, figurative photographs and acrylic representational experiments of abstracted figures.

The exhibition is curated by Arizona artist Mary Lou Stewart, who writes, “I wanted to select a collective of artworks that celebrate the human form in a variety of perspectives. Every artist has studied nature, and every artist has worked in utilizing the inspiration of the human form in some context. From photography to oils, from artist studies to professional portraiture, the human form is represented through a multitude of artist’s perspectives. I hope the viewer enjoys how vast and interesting the human form can be through an artist’s eyes.”

Works by the following artists are included in the exhibit: Sherri Aldawood, Claudia Avila, Marti Beson, Mary Bruns, Joele Connolly, Sue Cullumber, Kathleen Escobedo, Linda Fox, Jim Garrison, Ivan Halvorson, Jean Hidebrant, Linda Ingraham, Debra Jones, Cheryl Juracich, Andy Kempfert, Rory MacLean, Penny McElhaney, Suzanne Olmsted, Mary Parenteau, Patricia Sahertian, Chris Saper, Bonnie Shcolnik, Jay Stewart, Tina Strickland & Jean Turner Smith.

Gallery Hours are 10m-5pm Monday-Friday and Noon-5pm on Saturdays.