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Improv – More Than Being Funny

Improv Intensive!

It isn’t all about being funny! It’s a learning experience!

Actress and Comedian, Kristen Wiig, from shows such as SNL and movies like Bridesmaids,  stated, “With improv, it’s a combination of listening and not trying to be funny.”

Improv is known throughout theatre for its use in comical performances. Although that statement is true, improv is much more. Improv is about responding to action and ideas quickly and cleverly on the spot. Improv emulates the idea of flow; which is about motivation, imagination and spontaneity. Flow is keeping the conversation alive, staying involved and knowing how to grasp a concept and create new ideas that help expand them.

This summer season, Chandler Center for the Art’s is offering our first ever Improv Intensive just for teens. This course will not only give teens the opportunity to learn how to present humor to an audience, but they will also gain the knowledge to improve their listening and responding skills to verbal and nonverbal cues. The material covered throughout the week will be a key factor in enhancing future experience in the academic and professional world.

Actor, Nathan Fillion, who has been in films such as Saving Private Ryan and also the voices for characters in Monsters University and the Halo video games said, “Improv as an actor makes you present in the moment. You listen, you’re attentive. You’re not acting so much as reacting, which is what you’re doing in life all the time.”

Come and join the fun with your fellow peers in enjoying the art of theatre and performance! Learn more about Improv Intensive here.

Till We Meet Again…

The holiday break seems to have flown by and now we are back at work and the kids are back at school. We sincerely hope your break was wonderful. Here at Chandler Center for the Arts we had a blast. We were lucky enough to have the Zoppé Italian Circus grace our west lawn. Every day was filled with thrilling acts, laughter, and tons of fun.

ZoppeCampLast week we even hosted the CUSD Zoppé Circus Camp. On the first day of camp one of the participants was ready to return home because of stage fright. Thankfully a few minutes of speaking with our Marketing Assistant we convinced her to stay. By the end of the camp, she was performing and having a grand ol’ time. To top it off she even presented our Marketing Assistant with a little drawing of gratitude (see side photo).  Hosting the camp kids was a bundle of fun.

Come Saturday evening, we were all sad to see the show close. Needless to say, we can’t wait until the circus comes to town next year.

In the mean time, be sure to come see one of our amazing upcoming shows. Click here for the complete list.

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Monday Mashup: Firefly & Fall Reminders

Firefly was amazing. They are a group that keeps evolving and getting better with each performance, and being able to watch that growth, even in just a year, has been awesome.

Of course, I took video! Here was their opener which was so much fun. The girls can play a wide variety of instruments, and if you missed Friday’s show, you really missed out on a unique musical experience.

Also, I’d just like to remind everyone that our Fall Performing Arts Program starts in a little more than a month! It’s the weekly class that runs from September 10-December 3, and is tailored to fit kids who want to improve their musical theatre skills, and that includes beginners too. (because if you’re a beginner, you can only get better from here!)

If you’re not ready for a long commitment like our Performing Arts Program, you (or your kids, because I know some former campers read this…) can still live out their dreams of fame and fortune in our Glee Camp, which runs from 9am-12pm October 1-5.

Both programs are going to feature brand new material, so if you did our Performing Arts Program or Glee before, you won’t be wasting your time doing the same thing.

You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee here. Have questions? I’m your lady, give me a shout and I’ll help you out.
(Unintentional rhyme win!)

Performing Arts Program & Glee Camp: What are we looking at here?

“Which is better, your Performing Arts Program or your Glee Camp?”

I’ve been asked that question several times and I can say, I honestly don’t know the answer. It all depends on you, your  people, and everyone’s schedule. Here’s a breakdown with more information so you can compare the two. Already know what you want? You can register for the Performing Arts Program here, and register for Glee Camp here.

Performing Arts Program
Monday Nights Only
September 10-December 3
Ages 7-12
The Performing Arts Program is the Center’s only opportunity for students to learn and grow in all aspects of musical theatre. We will be focusing on music theatre as well as audition techniques, improvisation, storytelling, and much more. This class strives to build foundations for students to develop self-confidence and encourage success and is a good option for those who want to get the right start in musical theare or for those with a solid foundation but want to take it to the next level.
Glee Camp
Monday-Friday for one week only
October 1-5
Ages 7+
During this one week intensive Glee camp, you will learn several pop songs and  dance routines under the professional direction of Kristen Drathman and her incredible team. Songs are Kidz Bop versions of popular songs, but Kristen makes a special effort to choose songs that are fun, easy to learn and have a positive message. I do my best to record as much of our camps as possible, and you can see past videos of Glee performances here and here.


High School Musical 2

Last Friday was our very last day of Summer Camp for 2012. The campers put on an amazing sendoff and showed us just how good things can happen when you work really hard for four days and love what you do.

Check out one, or both, of the camp videos below!


*Also, we have a ton of water bottle, lunch boxes and even some fancy electronic stuff  left from all of our camps this summer. If you’re missing something, or even thing you’re missing something, give me a shout and help me find homes for all of our stuff.

They do dance

This camp has been moving at an incredible pace. Every time I tried to get some video of the kids practicing, they moved on to something by the time I got my camera set up. I did manage to snag this video yesterday morning, but by now it’s something totally different and new. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us tomorrow afternoon!

Camp 2 Performances

We don’t have camps going on this week (because of the 4th) but I still have camp video! Here are the two performances from Friday. your camper is either in Izzy’s or Marcus’ cast, but feel free to watch both, they’re really cute!


(disclaimer: I don’t have the world’s most fancy equipment nor and video training, so the quality isn’t the best. But it’s cute and these kids did one amazing job with only 4 days of work)

Marcus’ cast

Izzy’s Cast


Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now

How many times did well tell our parents that we’re big girls (or boys) growing? I think it was one of my first phrases, so I can related to these young ladies.

Ode To Summer Camp

One of our campers from Camp 1 wrote the following poem about her experiences at Camp.

Ode To Summer Camp

My Mom said that for Summer
I would go to Acting Camp this year.
I rolled my eyes and heaved a sigh
Then shook with a little fear.

I didn’t know how to act and was afraid
For folks to see me sing or dance.
But she said it would be fun
Asked that I please give it a chance.

I made new friends and tried new things.
Like a tide does flow, out went my fear.
I learned to dance, and sing, and act,
This camp was fun, each day brought cheer.

I learned new terms-stage right, hit your mark
Discovered new talents and mastered new skills.
Each day brought more triumphs
And even some thrills.

Our musical play was truly a treasure
I will store in the vault of my heart.
“Don’t Stop Believin'”, this is so true!
But first you have to start.

So to others who might be afraid
You shouldn’t worry, or fret, or cry.
Acting camp is awesome
Just show up and try!

I want to say something to all who helped me
To try something new, you made my spirit swell.
So with a tear in my eye and gratitude from my heart
I bid you adieu and a fond farewell.

Thank you for everything,
Pieper Cull (age 9)
Summer, 2012.

Pieper, you’re one smart, talented and creative young lady. I couldn’t say it half as well as you could, and I want to give you a high-five.  I have a feeling that if we don’t see more of you on the stage, we’ll be hearing more of what you have to say and write.

Keep it up girlie, you have something special.

What’s Up With That?

Our campers get a bit ticked when they’re accused of something they didn’t do.