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Facing Stage Fright

Some people have phobias of sharks, spiders, or even heights. But one of the most common fears is being on stage, in front of an audience. If you happen have the fear of being on stage, not to worry. Even people you see on television and movies get stage fright. American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, stated:

“When I went to Los Angeles right after high school, I got some acting jobs, and I never, ever wanted to be an actress! Public speaking and acting make me want to vomit. But I have never been nervous singing. When it comes to public speaking, I stumble on my words, sweat, and pull at my clothes.”*

So just in case your nerves start to kick in before your big debut, we have gathered a few tips to help you survive the heat of the lime light!

  1. Use your voice! Your voice is the most important tool because it projects to your listeners. If you use your voice at its maximum capacity, you will certainly grasp your audience’s attention.
  2. Be open! Do not close yourself off to the audience. They have invested time to see you on stage. It is increasingly difficult to hear someone who is facing the opposite direction.
  3. If you mess up the words, improv! The audience only knows what they see, so if you happen to stumble over words or skip a line just improvise and create you own lines. No one will ever suspect!
  4. Have confidence. Confidence is one of the essential pieces of presenting yourself to a crowd. Confidence is an effective way to keep people engaged in your performance. If you know you can do it, the audience will see confidence shining in your presence.

David Joseph Schwartz, a famous motivational writer and coach, once said: “Do what you fear and fear disappears.” Overcoming stage fright is not an overnight experience, but will benefit your on and off the stage.

Do you have any tips for those afraid of being on stage? Share below.