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I Play My Drum For You

Did you know November is National Drum Month?

Drums have been significant to the history of time. According to All About Drums, “The first drumming in drums history was a series clapping of hands and hitting the chest and knees with open hands. Various rhythms were adapted using this method but was limited because of the volume one could create and because to create higher volume was painful. So the drum was developed to overcome this problem.”

The drum has since signified various proclamations such as celebrating a victorious battle to worship and dance. Now days it is far more common to see a drum used within a performing band.

Let’s imagine the drum…now add choreographed routines to heavy doses of drum riffs and cadences with the rousing sound of the great brass tradition. Sound like showstopping fun? Well my friends, that is exactly what DRUMLINE LIVE is.

This new attraction was created by the team behind the hit movie “Drumline” and brings the Historically Black College and University marching band tradition to the theatrical stage for the very first time. With riveting rhythms and bold beats, this versatile group of musicians and dancers bring explosive energy and athleticism to the marching band experience.

DRUMLINE LIVE is coming to Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 7pm. Don’t delay, get your tickets today.

For those who love the drum or love the power of music and dance, this is the show for you!