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Celebrate the Arts

I mentioned yesterday that you’ll have a chance to win some pretty cool stuff on Friday during the Downtown Chandler Art Walk and the Sun Lakes Big Band Concert. Up for grabs are a pair of tickets and some art from the Downtown Chandler Art Walk. We’ve made it fairly simple. Here’s how to play. 

1. Visit the Art Walk or the Chandler Center for the Arts and pick up an entry form at the designated table. 

2. Have a CCA or Art walk representative provide proof of visit. 

4. Visit the other location and pick up your proof of visit there. 

5. Submit your entry form. 

RULES (every thing has ’em, just roll with it)

1. Must visit both locations in the same night. The Center’s doors open at 6:30, and we will be shutting down at 8:30. Please, please PLEASE enter the contest during that time slot. We won’t be able to count your entry if you submit it after 8:30

2. Must have verification from both locations to be entered to win.

3. Drop entry form at either CCA or the Art Walk. 

It’s simple, it’s fun, and you get to do something different on a Friday night, which is what we in Downtown specialize in! 

Questions? Y’all know where to find me. (caitie.quick@chandleraz.gov) or give me a yell here or on Twitter. 

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