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Ode To Summer Camp

One of our campers from Camp 1 wrote the following poem about her experiences at Camp.

Ode To Summer Camp

My Mom said that for Summer
I would go to Acting Camp this year.
I rolled my eyes and heaved a sigh
Then shook with a little fear.

I didn’t know how to act and was afraid
For folks to see me sing or dance.
But she said it would be fun
Asked that I please give it a chance.

I made new friends and tried new things.
Like a tide does flow, out went my fear.
I learned to dance, and sing, and act,
This camp was fun, each day brought cheer.

I learned new terms-stage right, hit your mark
Discovered new talents and mastered new skills.
Each day brought more triumphs
And even some thrills.

Our musical play was truly a treasure
I will store in the vault of my heart.
“Don’t Stop Believin'”, this is so true!
But first you have to start.

So to others who might be afraid
You shouldn’t worry, or fret, or cry.
Acting camp is awesome
Just show up and try!

I want to say something to all who helped me
To try something new, you made my spirit swell.
So with a tear in my eye and gratitude from my heart
I bid you adieu and a fond farewell.

Thank you for everything,
Pieper Cull (age 9)
Summer, 2012.

Pieper, you’re one smart, talented and creative young lady. I couldn’t say it half as well as you could, and I want to give you a high-five.  I have a feeling that if we don’t see more of you on the stage, we’ll be hearing more of what you have to say and write.

Keep it up girlie, you have something special.

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