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Archive for March 30, 2012

Weekend Preview: End of something awesome

This is it. Two more shows to rock and we can put the seal of success on another season. Awww yeah.

Tonight, we’re going to make your sides hurt with Joan Rivers. I mentioned this in my Monday Mashup, but Joan is a stickler for punctuality. Her show starts at 8:00pm, and once she’s onstage no one gets a seat in the theatre.  She does have an opening act, Tony Tripoli (who is also a writer on Fashion police) so you have a grace period if you’re running SUPER late, but as a precaution, it’s good to be back in your seats before the house lights dim and the gong sounds. No amount of Devil’s Ale is worth watching Joan perform on our flat screen when you could have been feet away.

Saturday night we have Marty Stuart performing. We’ve had a few questions about it, and yes, he is still going to perform even though he is going to Earl Scrugg’s funeral on Sunday. It’ll be a great show, and you’re probably bound to hear a tribute to Earl. You can snag tickets here.

As for a closing weekend, you can’t beat this. Two great performers that CCA is lucky to have and a season finale that won’t easily be forgotten.