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Weekend Preview: Baseball is back

Just in time for Spring Training (which I love even though it doesn’t “count”) we’re having our own baseball moments at the Center this weekend with Damn Yankees. Basically, we’re going back to the 1950s where Joe makes a deal with the devil so that his team, the Washington Senators (who were a real team, by the way) can beat those “Damn Yankees*

Part of me loves this Broadway musical because it’s given me an excuse to make as many cracks at the Evil Empire as I can.But as I was listening to the soundtrack, I realized that its taken two opposing forces, a Broadway play and sports, and fused them together to create something really different that works for both audiences. If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, you can grab your tickets here.

Before the show, we’re also having a silent auction for our first ever Youth Advisory Council, called Art for Kidz. They’re trying to lay the foundation for next year’s YAC to have a better start financially than they did. They’re a wonderful bunch of young adults and I’m glad we have them around. The silent auction is from 6-7:30 on Saturday, right before Damn Yankees. You don’t need a ticket to browse the silent auction, so feel free to give back to the group that has given up so much to improve the art in Chandler.


*Yankees fans, just pretend the entire play is about the Red Sox. It still works and it might even be funnier.

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