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Eat Your Art Out Chandler

Eat Your Art Out Chandler was a huge success yesterday! Thank you to all of our restaurants, volunteers and patrons. We wouldn’t have a shot at success if it wasn’t for you.

Since we didn’t expect everyone to visit all the places (although if you did, you’re amazing), here are a few photos from yesterday.


We’re already talking about next year. And if yesterday was any indication, our 2nd Eat Your Art Out Chandler in 2013 will be off the scale insane, in the best possible way.

Monday Mashup: Eat something and see a show

(That kind of describes my typical date, now that I think of it.)

Whether you want to treat someone who smells nice to a date, or want to go out with a group of friends and people you like, the Center has you covered this week.

Tomorrow is Eat Your Art Out Chandler! I feel like we’ve been taking this up for months, and now it’s finally here!It’s one day a year when Chandler restaurants give a portion of their earnings to the Center if you eat there during a period of time. I have the complete list here, and that also tells you what time you should go eat at a particular restaurant.

While you’re out, feel free to share photos or your experience on our Facebook wall, or Tweet about it using the hashtag #EYAOC (or mention us and I’ll retweet it)

Then this weekend we have Los Lonely Boys, Ricky Nelson Remembered (with his two sons, Matthew and Gunnar) and Red Star Red Army Russian Chorus and Dance Ensemble (say that five times fast).

Los Lonely Boys will be here on Friday night at 8pm, and I can’t wait! I’ve loved them ever since “Heaven” came out, and I got a kick out of  “Onda”. TexMex isn’t usually my style of music, but they make it work. If you want to come see the show, click here.

On Saturday night, we’re getting a treat. Not only are Matthew and Gunnar going to perform their dad’s songs, but they’re also going to share some home videos and photos so we can get a better understanding of their family and of Ricky’s songs meanings. How cool is that? If you want to come party with us on Saturday at 7:30, click here.

Sunday’s Red Star Red Army is a show that I’m not going to be working, but watching. (I have a crush on old Soviet era songs) But it isn’t just old anthems about how great the former USSR is, they will also be singing older folk songs and performing traditional dances, so the history geek in me is being a spaz about that. We still have tickets, and you can grab them here.

Monday Mashup: Pretending to be Tuesday

I love long weekends, but I don’t love when Monday pretends to be Tuesday so that we all like him/her better.

I’m on to you, pal.

This last weekend was a huge success at the Center. On Saturday we had Kathleen Madigan, who was a real treat, and she even offered tips to fix healthcare and airport security, by having all travelers get a CAT scan at the airport. (Trust me, she said it funnier than I did). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any video or photos from her performance, so if you couldn’t make it on Saturday, you really missed out.

Sunday we had the wonderful Peter Gros, who is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He let me back stage before his show to get a few pictures of his animals back stage. I didn’t stay too long, because they had a show coming up and I didn’t want to tire them out…and because there was a red bag bigger than me that had something moving in it and I’m pretty sure it was a huge snake. Nothing against them, I think they’re fascinating, I just don’t like being around them for too long.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although I was brave and got a photo of a different snake.

This weekend we don’t have any performances, but we still have a lot going on. The whole weekend we have WordCamp making another appearance, and I get to go this year! Very exciting.

On Friday, we have the Gold Cup Talent Competition, and Sunday is Step Up 2 Dance Competition.

Then next week, the big mamajamma. Eat Your Art Out Chandler. Scope out your spots because not only will you be supporting the arts by eating out, you can win fabulous prizes!

Weekend Preview: Different shows

This weekend we’re bringing Kathleen Madigan and Peter Gros to the Center, two types of performances that we haven’t had at the Center in a while.

Tomorrow night, Kathleen takes the stage to give us her view of life, love and what makes her tick. I saw her on Last Comic Standing a few years ago, and I thought she should have won instead of Ralphie May, but no one asked me. When I found that she was coming here, I think I actually did the Jazz Hands of Happiness.

Her show is almost sold out, but if you’re not sure if her humor will mesh with yours, click here and make sure she’s your type of gal. You can grab tickets to tomorrow’s show here.

Sunday afternoon, we’re right back with Peter Gros and his amazing animals, which include (but are not limited to) an alligator, red kangaroo, a singing kookaburra, a 14 foot python and a giant owl.

Parents with little ones need not to worry. Peter has worked with these animals and Wildlife World Zoo to make sure these animals are comfortable being around people, and they won’t start or do anything that could make the audience nervous. Peter and Wildlife World Zoo refer to the animals as “Animal Ambassadors” who help the audience understand about the different forms of wildlife on the planet.

Still not sure? Here’s a clip of Peter at a few performances.

His show is at 3pm at Sunday, and you can still get tickets here.

Monday Mashup: A little fun for everyone

If it’s Monday, then it means that we’re already looking forward to the weekend, and I’m no exception. But while the weekend means lounging around catching up on Downton Abby for some, it means shows for me!

On Friday, we have Sister Moses, the Story of Harriet Tubman performing at 8pm. It’s a Desert Dance Theatre production, and it’s been in the Valley for almost 20 years. If you haven’t caught a performance yet, never fear, you’ll have your shot at the end of the week, and then you won’t be the odd person out who hasn’t seen it!

On Saturday we have the Chandler Symphony Orchestra at 2 pm, and that is free, as always. That night at 8pm, we have Kathleen Madigan, who  made herself known on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. You can catch a clip of her here, as well as buy tickets.  Although I’d probably call our box office for this one, because last time I checked, tickets were selling like mad.

If you aren’t in the mood for history or comedy this weekend, we have Peter Gros, part of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.  Peter isn’t a stranger to the Valley, though. He visited us back in November on two separate occasions.


I think his owl is a movie star now.


Monday Mashup: Boot stompin’ fun.

This weekend at the Center, we had a couple of pretty awesome things happen.

We honored Jerry Brooks for all the work that he’s done for us, for Chandler, and for anyone who has visited the Center. We gave him the Applause Award for this year, as well as established a legacy fund in his name to further the work that we’re able to do with the kids and young adults in Chandler, from the camps to the Youth Advisory Committee.

David Woodruff and Wayne Lewis gave Jerry his award before the Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan show, and I have a slide show from the ceremony and the meet and greet that Pam and Lorrie were kind enough do for us.

As for the actual show, we had a packed house!

I love this view. I love the people that love the Center enough to fill the building. High fives all around!

Now for the highlight of the Monday Mashup: Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis. These ladies are stars of the Grand Ole Opery, and it isn’t hard to see why. Plus, I loved their shoes. Just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with sparkly.

This weekend we have the 8th Annual Chandler Sports Hall of Fame, with speaker Frank Kush.  The ceremony starts at 11:00am, and you can get tickets and see the list of the honorees here.

Weekend Preview: I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit classical

This weekend at the Center has a little less going on than last weekend, but we still have some really fun concerts.

Tonight we’re kicking it off with the Chandler Symphony, flamenco guitarist Chis Burton Jacome and flautist Frank Darmiento who will be playing music that reflects the culture of the Southwest and Arizona over the past 100 years.  The concert is free and first come, first served. Get here early because we usually pack the house.

The “packed house” theme is going strong with out other show this weekend with Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis. I love listening to these ladies, and so does everyone else in Phoenix. We don’t have very many seats left, so if you’re interested in seeing them in concert tomorrow night, call our box office at 480-782-2680 and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Its one of those weekends that just seem to work here. We have good shows that people care about, and that we care about, and that makes it seem less like work and more like fun.

For me, at least.