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Monday Mashup: One down, many more to go

Our 2011/2012 season got the amazing start it deserved over the weekend with The Official Blues Brothers Revue. While I didn’t get to spend all the time with them that I wanted, they were kind enough to help us promote Eat Your Art Out and let me know that the Jake and Elwood on their knuckles were in fact, not real. Kind of a bummer but they get an A+ for the attention to detail.

The whole show was just great. Elwood even did a rendition of Cab Calloway/Curtis Blues’ “Minnie the Moocher” that would have made him proud, scat singing an all.

But why keep telling this when I can show it? That’s what you can here for, right?

How do you start off a Blues Brothers show? By doing a cartwheel, of course.

You heard the boys, give them some lovin’!

And just because I’m a sucker for a tall dude in a black with a harmonica.

We’re keeping the energy high this week with a show by our annual favorites, Gaelic Storm. They have been to the Center so many times over the years and I have yet to see them live.

Bad, bad Caitie! I’m so ashamed right now. I’ve heard them before with friends at their houses or driving some place, and I loved their sound from the moment that I heard them. With a song like “The Night I Punched Russell Crowe“, how can you not love them?

They roll into town on Friday, and because I love everyone to pieces, I might be able to pull something together for a lucky person that comes to the show. (Fingers crossed!)

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