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Weekend Preview: Made it to another Friday

Even though today is a very sober day at the Center, I’m still going to carry out my weekly duties with a Weekend Preview.

This weekend we don’t have a Free Summer Concert show, but we do have the Intel Variety Show tomorrow night (It’s a good cause, and it’s fairly inexpensive) and the Raices Community Reception tonight from 6-8. It’s a wonderful way to see how Chandler got it’s start, and to show how much Hispanic culture influenced Chandler in its early days and how it continues to do so.

The best part? You can read up on the histories of the families featured in the exhibit, and it was pretty cool to see some of the grandparents and great-grandparents of my friends and learn about their families.

If you’re coming out for Chandler Art Walk (which you totally should, because it’s awesome) you’ll have enough time to visit the Center and then walk a few feet to the Art Walk.


(Ps. #ChandlerHunt, you in? If you aren’t yet, I’ll sweeten the pot by adding a few clues here and there. But you’ll have to check the bog, because I won’t be blasting those posts all over Creation.)

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