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Archive for May 24, 2011

Coming up at the Center

Do you hear that?  It’s quiet…too quiet.

Well, maybe not too quiet (that would be creepy) but no extra noises and no singing. How boring.

Thankfully though, our summer camps start-up in two weeks, so I’ll have something else to listen to besides my keyboard clacking.

Our summer camps are basically Glee Camp with a sugar high. There are two camp sessions, but each camp does something different. Camp 1 starts in two weeks and the play is awesome. (And no, I’m not telling you what it is. I’ll let the kids spread that message because they’ll probably be talking about it non-stop.) 

Camp 2 is still getting ironed out, but it is a totally different play than the one for Camp 1, which is good because we have several kids who love us (well, our camps anyway) so much that they want to stick around all summer. That camp starts in July and is only 2 weeks.

Both camps have acting, singing and dancing, although not every part has all three, so if there are campers who love dancing and acting but aren’t so sure about the singing parts, they can tryout for the part that has the best fit for them. The last thing we want is for our kids to feel uncomfortable*, so we make sure that there are parts for everyone.

The flip side of that is that if a camper REALLY wants a part, they’re going to have to work for it! That’s the point of the auditions, Kristen (our amazing camp director) wants to help our campers put on the best performance possible, so she’ll go over what to work on the first day of camp.

Between now and then? Enjoy the silence, because it doesn’t last long around CCA.

*Because no one wants to be that kid standing on stage in the middle of practice and have a massive case of stage fright over take them. Happened to me when I was 10, and my mom has pictures. Talk about bad news bears.