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Weekend Preview: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

It seems like the band has been all I have been talking about on this blog, but that’s because I’m very excited for them to be here!  It’s our last show, and we’re really going to go out with a bang. 

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars formed in a West African refugee camp during the civil war in Sierra Leone which lasted from 1991-2002.  That was 11 years of pain, fear and loss that these band members, and so many others, couldn’t go home. They had to deal with the tragedy in order to being in the healing processes, and their way was through music.

If you want to understand what happened in Sierra Leone, the BBC did a wonderful job diving into the conflict and explaining the issues in a reportWARNING. This was a brutal conflict, and the things the report talks about are enough to turn stomaches. Read at your own discretion.

If you’re just in the mood to know more about the band, click here.  You can read the NPR articles and give the band a listen before you come out to see them on Saturday!

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