Everything you've ever wanted to know about Chandler Center for the Arts

Weekend Preview, part 2

Life this weekend is going to be nuts, but I’d much rather be busy than bored.

First off, if anyone is going to Buzzcation tonight, you have a chance to win two tickets to Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, so go, donate to charity and enter the raffle. And come say hi to me. I’ll be the scared stiff person in the corner trying not to be shy.

Saturday night we have Hotel California, and I’m playing The Eagles at top volume today to celebrate. I love that this group plays their songs just like The Eagles did. It isn’t just one lead singer and then a few back up guys that we can pay attention to when we aren’t staring at a Don Henley look-a-like, but a harmony that brings so much more to a performance. Can. Not. Wait.

Then on Sunday, you should come out and see Spencers Theatre of Illusion (you can read my interview with Kevin here). It’s very family friendly, so if you want to bring your little ones, you have nothing to worry about. To make it even cooler, Kevin uses magic to help people, so make sure you ask him about the Healing of Magic, and watch how excited about it he gets. You can really tell he loves everything about his job.

So come out for a sweet double header weekend, and because these are two of out last three shows for the season! Take in all that you can before we slow down (just a tad) for summer.

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