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Weekend Preview Round 2: Firefly

Firefly is looking forward to playing at Chandler Center for the Arts, and they weren’t just being nice to me.

“Chandler Center for the Arts is one of our favorites, not joking at all,” said oldest sister Melanie. “We played at the grand re-opening, and it’s a really classy place.”

Melanie is joined by her two sisters, McKenzie and Madelyn, to make up the band Firefly.

Firefly all started when Melanie made an appearance in Nashville when she was 17, playing songs she wrote herself. McKenzie and Madelyn followed suit, and Firefly has since burst onto the music scene, playing at shows such as Zac Brown Band, Justin Bieber and The Gin Blossoms.

Firefly’s next show will be Saturday with Steve Wariner, and the sisters couldn’t be more excited.

“We’re so excited! We’ve been looking forward to the show, and we’ve known about it for a while. He’s like a legend,” said Melanie.

The fact that Chandler Center for the Arts is a hometown show just makes it all the better.

“You get to have all our friends, family come and support us, so we have this big support system,” said Melanie.

“And it’s nice to prepare for shows at home instead of on a bus,” added middle sister McKenzie.

Hometown shows also make it easier to get to the important things outside of music, like school.  While McKenzie is taking college courses online, youngest sister Madelyn is a sophomore in high school, which means a very early start to the day.

” I have zero hour, and sometimes it’s hard to get up after a late night out,” she said, adding that her and her family are looking at options for next year that include homeschooling or online classes to make their schedules easier.

Firefly is currently working on an album, and they will be selling 2 tracks Saturday night that are not yet available anywhere else. The new album will include their favorite song “Love How You Feel”, which sums up their philosophy.

“We’re not playing for fame and fortune,” said Melanie, “We feel like we can have a good influence on young girls, and we’re trying to fill that void.”

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