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Archive for March 22, 2011

Tech Tuesday, the Jimmie edition.

Jimmie is Chandler Center for the Arts’ Senior Production Coordinator, who does (in his words) everything.

“I do everything needed to get ready for every show and event, well, as much as humanly possible,” he added with a laugh.

Jimmie has been here since 1989 when the center opened, and loves when he gets to work with younger technicians.

“My favorite thing is when I work with students and younger technicians, and they get it.  They understand what they’re doing and they develop a passion for it,” he said.

Jimmie works with other CCA technicians (including Bill) even on days with no performance.  Because they get in plenty of practice time, everything works together on performance days or night, and the show can go off without a hitch.

“When things run like they’re supposed to, it keeps everyone happy.  And that really isn’t that big of a challenge,” he said.

But just because his title has the word “Senior” in it, doesn’t give Jimmie any special treatment when it comes to his work.

“Really, the show must go on, so we can’t stop for one person.  We’ll stop if the building is on fire, but not if we’re missing people.”