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Weekend Preview: Frank Sinatra Jr.

This Saturday night, Chandler Center for the Arts is proud to offer a performance by the legendary (in his own right) Frank Sinatra Jr.

While his dad was a bobby soxer icon who’s career spanned the better part of a century, Frank Sinatra Jr. hasn’t been content to sit quitley in the shadow.

By the time he was 19, he had been performing for years in local clubs and was the vocalist for Sam Donahue’s band.  By 1968 he had performed in 47 states and 30 countries, had his own band that performed in Las Vegas as well as with big name acts at different casinos.

Starting in 1988, Frank Sinatra Jr. became his father’s musical director and conductor, which increased his already extensive expierence and understanding, prompting music critic Richard Ginell to say

“Sinatra, Jr. might have had an easier time establishing himself had he gone into real estate. But his show made me awfully glad he decided music was his calling. There aren’t too many singers around with Sinatra’s depth of experience in big band music, or his knowledge of the classic American songbook. There are even fewer with such real feeling for the lyrics of a song, and such a knack for investing a song with style and personality.”

Is Frank Sinatra Jr. really all that and a bag of chips? Come see for yourself this Saturday (and enjoy some San Tan beer!).

You won’t be disappointed.