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Archive for March 15, 2011

Tech Tuesday

On performance night at CCA, many different parts have to come together as a whole in order for a show to be successful.  A large piece of what makes a successful show is our production team. To show our appreciation, we will dedicate a blog to them on Tuesdays and highlight their job in someway.

So meet Bill, a Production Coordinator and Lighting Director who was brave enough to be my Tech Tuesday guinea pig.

Bill has been keeping the lights on here at CCA for nearly 11 years with the belief that lighting is everything.

“My job is to make sure that every lighting need is met for a show, whether it’s me designing the lights, or someone coming in and setting up,” he said.

Bill must make sure that all the lights are working properly, the colors match and highlight areas of the stage, spotlights work, and that lights are able to change throughout the performance, if needed. Proper lighting can affect the mood of the audience and make or break a show.

If you sit down with Bill for a few minutes, it’s very obvious that he loves his job, and  realistically, a few minutes is all you’ll be able to get, simply because there is always something going on.

“I don’t have to always sit behind a desk, because there is always another event right around the corner,” said Bill, adding that no two days are ever the same.

Bill knows that lighting is everything, and makes sure that everyone, from the audience to the performers, is happy with the end result.

“My favorite is when the artist comes in without a lighting person, and they comment on the lighting and thank me from the stage. They realize that I went that extra step to make their show great.”

So next time you’re enjoying a performance at CCA (Like Frank Sinatra Jr.), take a look at the lighting and how it changes to reflect the mood of the show. And if you happen to see Bill after a show, take a moment to let him know that he did a great job.